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Soil Erosion Effects And Prevention

Jimi Hendrix sang about castles made of sand falling into the sea eventually, but soil erosion does not only affect castles made out of sand. Soil erosion can occur anywhere, and for any number of reasons but the most common is water, which is ever flowing, continuing its way to the sea. Three of the […]

Indications That a House Might Need Restumping

For those who are looking to buy a house, or currently own an old house, there may be reason to check what repairs might be needed in the future, and whether the house is in need of restumping. Most houses are built on wooden stumps, which eventually need replacing. There are particular aspects of the […]

Importance Of Having A Flood Proofed House Design For New Homes

As we have seen of unpredictable weather events, in Australia, and everywhere else, anything can happen, and it often does. The word on the street, from scientists and meteorologists is that we can expect weather to be wetter, which is likely to lead to flooding for some. Being prepared for the possible outcomes of any […]