Learn how House Raising can protect your home from floods. Read these articles by Black & White restumping services in Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts.

Soil Erosion Effects And Prevention

Jimi Hendrix sang about castles made of sand falling into the sea eventually, but soil erosion does not only affect castles made out of sand. Soil erosion can occur anywhere, and for any number of reasons but the most common is water, which is ever flowing, continuing its way to the sea.

Three of the best ways to prevent erosion are to use land according to its capabilities, protect the surface soil with a cover of some sort, and manage water run-off to prevent it from eroding away at the soil. By doing the appropriate soil testing you will be able to determine a lot about the soil and surrounding conditions, giving you are clearer picture of how to prevent further erosion. It can also give you an indication about what is required with building, relocating or raising a house.

Capability of Land

The position of land, its slope and soil type are important factors, which determine what the land can be used for. Different soil types are best for different types of land use, as the various types of soils have different strengths. Land that is good for crops and grazing may not be the best choice for building a house. A house that has been built on soil that is not strong enough, could cause the house to crack, sag or even fall down.

Run-off and Surface Cover

A major cause of erosion is through the natural elements of wind and water. Surface cover is important to prevent rain from eroding bare soils and wind eroding the soil particles, which can cause erosion problems. Water run-off, if not appropriately deviated, can cause extreme erosion in some cases, which can massively deteriorate a land mass over time. Before building a house, the area needs to be thoroughly assessed by a soil expert to determine these factors of wind and water, and how to prevent them from causing soil erosion around the foundations.

House Foundations

Black and White Houseraising and Restumping assess all aspects of the land when planning and working on raising or restumping a house. Knowing the quality of the soil will determine what preparations are required for carrying out the work, as well as which materials will be the best to use for the foundation of the building. Proper assessment of the soil and land capability, leads to a ‘best case scenario’ with house raising and restumping, preventing erosion of the soil around the foundations of the house, and minimising the impact of the elements.

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Importance Of Having A Flood Proofed House Design For New Homes

As we have seen of unpredictable weather events, in Australia, and everywhere else, anything can happen, and it often does. The word on the street, from scientists and meteorologists is that we can expect weather to be wetter, which is likely to lead to flooding for some.

Being prepared for the possible outcomes of any weather event is the best way to have peace of mind and flourish during the changing of the seasons. Why worry about something that might happen, when you can ensure that you reduce the risks of flood effects by proofing your home at the design stages.

By choosing design features that will last the tests of the harsh, unpredictable weather conditions you can prevent flood events from damaging your home, and be ahead of the game. Many people are choosing to build raised houses or have their new homes designed to withstand the storms.

Know Your Risks

Doing your research is an important part of preparing your plan for your new home, which includes not underestimating the surrounding terrain. Seeking for information from local councils and talking to people in the surrounding areas will also give you an idea about the risks regarding where you are building and assist in planning. Using permaculture design principles in your ideas and planning your house building around them can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Design Features to Suit the Environment

If your house is to be built in a flood prone area, an off the ground design can be a great way of being prepared for any possible weather event, leaving your family high and dry all year around. Thoroughly mapping the waterways close to your home is an important aspect of planning for the long-term future of your home. Building in design features that take the waterways into account and working around the environment will assist you in living harmoniously with nature, rather than fighting against it.

Flood Proof Materials

If a house is to be built in an area that is prone to flooding, precautions can be taken as to how the house is built, and which materials are used. As Black & White Houseraising and Restumping have discovered over many years of working with homeowners, choosing the right materials is a necessity to avoid costly repairs later.

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What is House Raising or Lifting, and Why Do It?

House raising or house lifting refers to the practice of putting in place the infrastructure to raise a house from its current foundations to a greater height than it was previously. This is usually done by using hydraulics or screw jacks and as you can imagine, is a huge exercise that requires experience and an understanding about all aspects of building.

It is only done by professional businesses such as Black and White Houseraising and Restumping, and can only be done on certain types of houses, because if things go wrong the consequences can be fatal. There are different reasons why people might do this, so read on for a greater understanding about this interesting work.

Relocation of the House

At some point, we may have all been driving along the freeway late at night and noticed a house coming along on a truck in the other lane, or ahead of us. The first step in actually getting that house off its foundations and onto the truck would have involved it being lifted or raised, using hydraulics, and placed onto the truck for removal or relocation. As you can imagine, a house is not the lightest of dwellings, so lifting the whole structure in one piece can be a very involved process, and requires skill and planning.


Often when people choose to renovate their house they are doing so for the purpose of gaining extra space or adding more rooms. Often, if they are financially able, and their house is the appropriate kind of house, they will opt to have it lifted or raised up, to create more rooms downstairs, thereby extending the size of their house. Once it has been lifted, new foundations are put into the house to secure it in its new position, which require the assistance of an engineer to ensure that it is safe and that the new foundations can hold the weight of the dwelling. Doing so can mean a lot of work, but can change people’s lives dramatically with more space to spread out and enjoy in their home.

Raising the House Above Flood Waters

Another important reason that many people will have their house raised is to lift it up and away from flood waters. If a house has been built on low-lying ground, or the natural waterways have deviated and changed their course, it could be at risk of flooding. Rather than watching as their house slowly sinks into swampland, people choose to employ a company such as Black and White Houseraising and Restumping to lift them high and dry, thereby putting them away from rising waters and damp, and adding extra rooms.

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Raising Home: On the Way to Preventing Flood Damage

Storm season is on its way to the Queensland area again. Because of the past storm surges that happened, many are now wary of possible damage that can be brought about by floods due to heavy rainfall. Households can prepare for such scenarios by considering house raising  as an option.

What is House Raising?

Houses that are prone to flooding should seriously consider house raising. These include homes that are located in low-lying areas, which are sure to be the catch-basin in case a very strong downpour occurs. Flood levels can rise quickly with a strong storm with heavy rain. Damage from flood, whether it is a flash flood or stagnating flood can be avoided with the help of house raising.

Simply put, house raising involves elevating the house from its current level. The house is entirely lifted up using hydraulic jacks and raised to a desired level. House raising is the same method that is used when the house needs stumps replacement or repair. To avoid flood damage, the house can be lifted and structural beams and columns installed to give it extra height. With the columns, the house gains a ground level that can be transformed into a car park or for any other purposes when there are no threats of flood damage.

Find the Right Contractor

House raising is not a simple job that can be handled by just anyone. It must be planned thoroughly with the help of an architect to draw up the structural plans. The plans are necessary to get the required council approval for the construction project. It will take from 2 to 4 weeks to complete the job, depending on the size of the house that will be lifted.

Black & White House Raising provides reliable house raising services to suit the requirements of the homeowner. The company utilises only advanced hydraulic jack system to safely lift the house to a higher level. As part of its dependable service offering, the company provides full insurance on the jobs that they undertake.

The company’s house raising services give homeowners a choice when it comes to dealing with seasonal flood problems. With this service, the homeowner can get that extra space  that they desire and at the same time, they are able to protect their property from natural disaster. Black & White House Raising offers free quotes and would love to answer any type of queries regarding house raising. To find out more, visit the company’s website at http://bwhouseraising.com.au or talk to one of the company’s representatives.

House Lifting in Flood Zones

The climate has not been as erratic as in recent years. Lately, we have been seeing extreme weather and climate conditions worldwide. In Queensland, we continue to experience odd weather patterns, from extreme summer heat, to strong rains and flooding. The region was battered by heavy rains and floods a year ago, bringing down trees and destroying or inundating many homes.

Extreme weather patterns are expected to continue in the coming years, so the best thing we can do is cope with the changes and do our best to protect lives and property. One good way of coping with heavy rains and flooding is by house lifting . Black & White House Raising & Restumping can provide you with high quality house raising services to protect your home from the dangers of floods.

What is House Raising?

Houses can be raised with all the contents intact, and new stumps or posts are added beneath. The house is lifted to the desired height. For flood prone areas, it would be best to put some extra allowance to the height to make sure that the ground floor is high enough to be safe from the expected floods.

The process involves the use of advanced hydraulic jacks  to lift the entire house. This process requires intensive expertise in the field, so it is important that you work with a highly trusted name in house raising and restumping. Black & White House Raising & Restumping can give you that high quality and reliable service in this area.

The house raising process typically takes approximately two weeks, but it could take as long as three to four weeks for larger houses. Residents will have to move out during that time period. While it is fine to leave some furniture in the house during the house lifting process, fragile and breakable items should be removed.

How House Lifting Helps

Owners of houses that have been hit by floods recently and in the past year should seriously consider house raising . There is no telling if the climate and weather are going to go back to normal. It is always better to be prepared for floods, especially if you have experienced one in recent years. House lifting can be your best defence against flooding in your area.

House lifting gives you an opportunity to still live in the house that you own and love. There should be no need to move to another place just because of temporary floods. During floods, your belongings and your family will be safe on the raised floor. To see how house raising can help protect your property, contact the company at http://bwhouseraising.com.au.

The Value of a Queenslander House Style

Never before has humanity paid so much attention to weather conditions since the subject of global warming was raised. Winter has been more hazardous in European countries and the United States, with blizzards snowing families in, closing down public transport, roads and airports. In other countries severe weather conditions have brought about widespread flooding, raging bushfires and heartbreaking mudslides which have literally swept away entire communities. Add to this awakening volcanoes and earthquakes which have been the cause of huge tsunamis, ending lives and breaking hearts. Mother Nature seems to have taken great displeasure in the way we have treated our Earth and has reacted violently in protest.

Short of walking away from everything they possess, little else can be done for people living on earth faults where earthquakes happen with alarming regularity. Building on slopes of mountains has seen the stability of the ground badly affected, so that the result of torrential rainfall causes the earth to literally slide away from underneath. Again for these people the only option available is to leave and live elsewhere. Amazingly many people opt to stay and rebuild as is the case in many active or dormant volcanic areas, where daily life goes on as though nothing can go wrong. Happily, something can be done for those living in flood prone areas, and that is house raising Brisbane  in order to prevent having to repeatedly do post flood cleanups.

Flood-Proofing Low-Set Houses

House restumping Brisbane for low houses on stumps can make the world of difference as to how one survives a flood. Although many of the old style Queenslander homes are up high, many of the old homes are low-set and as such, a flood target. In low lying areas that are prone to flooding, even some high houses have suffered water inundation, but nowhere near as badly as lower homes. Since the 2011 floods in Australia a lot of thought and discussion has taken place regarding flood proofing existing homes and coming up with a flood proof house design for new homes. For existing homes the most sensible answer is to go higher, hiring the services of a house raising company to ensure the home is above any expected flood level.

One of the new developments since the 2011 floods is the raising of the heights of homes in flood areas from eight and a half metres to nine and a half metres, giving some extra leeway between home and floodwaters. New flood proof housing plans have been submitted for approval, and will hopefully be another option for the future. All things considered, for all flood prone areas, house raising is by far the best way to go.

Protecting Your Home Through Raising and Restumping

Dramatic changes in the climate have caused many tragic events recently. Many lives have been lost due to strong storms that resulted in major flooding in some areas. The weather pattern in the coming years is expected to continue to be erroneous, away from the normal and predictable course, so people are considering getting ready for any unforeseen accidents. One of the ways people can prepare for the unexpected is by upgrading the design of their homes to make them able to withstand strong water surges and flooding.

House raising  and restumping can be done to areas that are prone to flooding. This gives the house ample space underneath for possible floods that may strike the area. Raising and restumping is an ingenious way of providing flood solution to houses that are already standing. For a mere two weeks, experts in concrete stumping can raise a house by using an advanced hydraulic jacking system to push the house up from its foundations. Structural engineers are hired to devise new structural plans for the raised house, and the contractor for the house raising and restumping  handles the rest.

Benefits of Concrete Stumps

There are many benefits of concrete stumps to the house being raised. The prime benefit is of course protection from flooding incidents, especially so if you are living in an area that has experienced flooding once or twice already in the recent years. Because of the unpredictability of the climate and weather, it is but safe and assuring to carry out a raising and restumping  of the house. Some houses sitting on old stumps would need replace their stumps to ensure stability to the structures. Otherwise, it could pose danger to the people residing in the place.

Concrete stumps can also effectively protect the house from termite infestation, which are expected to happen in structural foundations that have been subjected to flood waters. Providing new concrete stumps for the house would keep them away from termites and other pests feeding on the wooden portions of the house.

Added Benefits of a Raised House

A house that has been restumped will also have better air circulation and cooler breeze coming in as it would be situated higher up. The space underneath that will be gained after raising and restumping can be used for other purposes as well, particularly during dry seasons when no storms are seen to come. Providing stumps to the house would allow healthy exercise to residents of the house since they will then be climbing steps to access the house.

Protecting Homes by House Raising

Black & White House Raising and Restumping takes pride in being in the business of helping protect homes and lives from potential dangers. The company, which is engaged in house restumping, helps add value to an existing house that would have lost value in the market because of its location or structural soundness .

Making Homes Flood-Proof and Strong

The company’s services  include house raising for standalone residences lying on flood prone areas. As the climate gets more erratic every year, houses built on flood prone areas are in danger getting damaged. But there is hope with the technology that Black & White House Raising provides. It distinguishes itself from other house raising services with its dedication and focus on quality and customer service. Restumping could also be done to fix the level of the floor that had moved because of damaged stumps.

Other homes need house raising services to repair the stumps that could endanger the stability of the structures. If not given the needed attention, houses with rotting or pest infested stumps  may cause the flooring to become uneven. Worse, this could lead to a total collapse of supporting structures connected to the stumps.

Customers who would want to study or evaluate the costs related to house raising or restumping can have an obligation-free assessment from Black & White, giving the client the freedom to decide whether to go about the project.

Guaranteed Service

Given the complexity of house raising and restumping, Black & White gives clients the needed assurance in their every project. “With over 12 years experience, we are fully insured for peace of mind,” the company says. This assurance frees the homeowner from unnecessary worries in case some untoward accidents occur during the duration of the house raising project.

The company adopts strict guidelines in all its house raising and restumping projects. Black & White uses only the latest technology in house raising. Safety is the primary concern of the company in every house raising project. “Black & White also have a state of the art hydraulic jacking system which means your house is raised safely at the push of a button,” according to the company. Executing the house raising and restumping carefully and safely can mean breathing new life to a house that may have been regarded as worthless because of the structural instability. This house rescue of sort through raising and restumping could be done for the entire house or it could be to repair and replace stumps.

Importance of Restumping Your House

Australian homes that are built on timber stumps will have to eventually be restumped. Timber stumps, which are usually found on older homes, lead to serious problems over time. Wooden stumps can easily fall prey to termites, or they can rot with continued exposure to moisture.

Restumping  is so much like a facelift; it is a major makeover, except that restumping is not merely meant to enhance or repair the appearance of the house. Once the house starts showing its age with creaking floors or cracks on walls or on the floor, it is time for a restoration work through restumping. Here are some reasons for restumping your house.

Fixing Floor Damage

When there are damaged stumps in the house, the floors can become uneven. This can destroy the overall appearance of your home. You may have a beautifully designed and decorated home, but if the floor is not level, all the decorations go to waste.

You may also see some cracks on the floor when some portions are not fully supported; this is because some of the stumps have already deteriorated. There may also be squeaking sounds when one walks on the floor.

Damaged floors are not only visually unappealing; they can also be dangerous. With damaged stumps, you can never be sure about the stability of the floor. People could trip or fall onto cracks if the problem gets worse.

Fixing Doors and Windows

Uneven flooring due to damaged stumps can also lead to misaligned windows and doors. Doors and windows may not close or open easily because of the misalignment. When this starts to happen, it is a sure signal to you that your house needs restumping.

You must realise that fixing the doors and windows will not fix the problem. If left unattended, the problem could get bigger and the repairs could become enormous.

Flood-Prone Areas

If your house is lying in a flood-prone area, restumping is a good opportunity to get your house raised . Black & White House Raising & Restumping offers clients restumping services using advanced hydraulic jacks to lift the house.

As the house is lifted, the stumps are replaced with sturdier materials. Black & White installs new stumps, which may be formed as a base to elevate the structure, leaving an extra floor space below the house. This is very helpful for houses that frequently face problems whenever a big storm hits the area.

More information about efficient restumping and house raising can be found at http://bwhouseraising.com.au.

Thinking of Raising Your House? – Some Valid Reasons

When Europeans first settled in the Brisbane region, it was not long before they realised that to be comfortable in a sub-tropical climate, houses needed to be high enough to catch sea breezes and open enough to ventilate a steamy interior. As an added bonus, intermittent flooding caused little hardship when the muddy waters could swirl harmlessly under the homes, leaving the living areas intact.

Time and changes in architectural styles saw many variations on the original Queenslander as it came to be called, but a desire to follow overseas trends saw homes placed on concrete slabs on the ground. These proliferated not just in thousands, but hundreds of thousands during many years of dry seasons. A return of monsoonal floods over the last few years now has many homeowners questioning the wisdom of these decisions.

Get Living Space above Flood Level

As a business that specialises in house raising, we are experiencing constant enquiries from home owners wishing to raise their houses from ground level. Here at Black & White Houseraising and Restumping we have dealt with many distressed flood victims who want to stay in their current location, but want the best protection they can get from a recurrence of flooding.

Raising the existing dwelling above flood level gives them the security they need to live without fear of prolonged rain events. The added benefits they experience are an increase in the value of their property as it is now considered flood-free, and a reduction in insurance premiums for the same reason.

Create Extra Living and Storage Space

However, being flood-free is not the only reason we are seeing increased demand for our house raising services. With young people now staying in the family home well into adulthood, space is at a premium and the quickest way to create more living space  is to raise a low-set home. The lower level apartment provides accommodation and storage space without any loss of yard space. It could also serve the same purpose to care for an elderly parent.

Repair Problem Foundations

Old homes constructed before modern building codes came into effect can sometimes have problem foundations, and before undertaking major renovations, home owners need to rectify the situation. They contact Black & White Houseraising and Restumping for our assistance. We are able to raise the house and repair the foundations, leaving them with a building that has literally been renovated from the ground up, increasing its value and appeal to prospective purchasers.

We also undertake house raising just for the purposes of restumping the property. Many old homes were constructed on hardwood poles that have degraded over time and are no longer stable. Some home owners are happy with a low set home, but just want the stumps replaced with concrete ones. Whatever the reason, they contact Black & White Houseraising and Restumping for a professional result.