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What is House Raising or Lifting, and Why Do It?

House raising or house lifting refers to the practice of putting in place the infrastructure to raise a house from its current foundations to a greater height than it was previously. This is usually done by using hydraulics or screw jacks and as you can imagine, is a huge exercise that requires experience and an understanding about all aspects of building.

It is only done by professional businesses such as Black and White Houseraising and Restumping, and can only be done on certain types of houses, because if things go wrong the consequences can be fatal. There are different reasons why people might do this, so read on for a greater understanding about this interesting work.

Relocation of the House

At some point, we may have all been driving along the freeway late at night and noticed a house coming along on a truck in the other lane, or ahead of us. The first step in actually getting that house off its foundations and onto the truck would have involved it being lifted or raised, using hydraulics, and placed onto the truck for removal or relocation. As you can imagine, a house is not the lightest of dwellings, so lifting the whole structure in one piece can be a very involved process, and requires skill and planning.


Often when people choose to renovate their house they are doing so for the purpose of gaining extra space or adding more rooms. Often, if they are financially able, and their house is the appropriate kind of house, they will opt to have it lifted or raised up, to create more rooms downstairs, thereby extending the size of their house. Once it has been lifted, new foundations are put into the house to secure it in its new position, which require the assistance of an engineer to ensure that it is safe and that the new foundations can hold the weight of the dwelling. Doing so can mean a lot of work, but can change people’s lives dramatically with more space to spread out and enjoy in their home.

Raising the House Above Flood Waters

Another important reason that many people will have their house raised is to lift it up and away from flood waters. If a house has been built on low-lying ground, or the natural waterways have deviated and changed their course, it could be at risk of flooding. Rather than watching as their house slowly sinks into swampland, people choose to employ a company such as Black and White Houseraising and Restumping to lift them high and dry, thereby putting them away from rising waters and damp, and adding extra rooms.

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Subdividing Land – How On-Site Moves Can Help

There is strong demand for land and residential properties, especially in business centres and central cities. If you intend to put money into property investments, it can be a bit challenging at the present time. Prices of land are on the rise, making it difficult for first-time investors.

One good way of getting into property investment is by subdividing land. One can either buy a parcel of land and subdivide the land to create a housing estate, or an investor can use an existing property to see if it is possible to have it subdivided.

Subdivision Opportunities

If you can afford to invest in a fresh parcel of land, it is a good idea to subdivide it for a more profitable return. You can build town homes or residential units on the subdivided land to accommodate the growing demand for rental properties in your area.

You can also look into subdividing your own lot. This is the best way to start in the subdivision venture as it involves a smaller risk than purchasing a raw parcel of land. You can build a second house, duplex or multiple residential units on the extra lot. For this option, you will have to check with the local council to see if subdividing your property is feasible.

There may be special conditions that you need to follow. There may be zoning issues in your area, or there may be minimum size requirements for the residential units that can be built. The council can give you the best advice when subdividing your property.

House Moving

If you have an existing house on the property you plan to subdivide, you can count on a reliable house raising service for help. Black & White House Raising provides house sliding and on-site moves . This service involves transferring and positioning the house to another location on the property.

Black & White House Raising makes use of advanced hydraulic jacks to raise the house in one piece. The house is then repositioned to the desired to location. Additionally, this can be a good opportunity to re-stump  the house if ever there are damaged timber stumps in the house.

Relocating the existing house can give you extra space for a subdivision. Consult with the local council for information on limitations and conditions in subdividing your property. You can then get the services of a surveyor or planner to lay out the plan for subdividing the lot. There are risks involved in subdivisions, but with good information and the right people helping you, it can turn your existing property into a profitable investment.

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Big Yard But No Space? House Sliding Could Be the Solution

While modern housing trends for small blocks of land or apartment living have started to make their mark on the Australian landscape, most dwellings still sit on large blocks with much of the space occupied by lawns and gardens. As demographic changes take place with each succeeding generation, and it becomes harder for young people to save a housing deposit, the necessity to better utilise this space has become more urgent.

Better Use of Existing Space Needed Now

All major Australian cities have become a victim of urban sprawl. Not all that long ago the only solution to the need for more housing was to push further away from urban centres by subdividing the cheaper land that was readily available. This created unemployment and social problems in many areas because affordable housing was too far away from vital infrastructure.

Recognising that this could not continue, local government agencies have relaxed the planning laws that applied to existing dwellings, to allow more than one dwelling to be built on these larger blocks of land. As a company that specialises in raising houses to create extra living space underneath, here at Black & White Houseraising and Restumping we also offer house sliding services  to our clients.

Time to Correct Early House Siting Mistakes

House sliding is a perfect solution to creating extra yard space. When many of these older homes were built, they were situated in the middle of the block, so that any attempt now to use wasted land for additional housing does not meet planning requirements. The only way to optimise this very valuable commodity is to slide the existing house to another location on the same block.

It sounds easy doesn’t it, but in practice it is actually quite difficult. House sliding should only be undertaken by experienced contractors  with all the relevant insurances and professional associations. We are members of the Master Builders Association and also hold a current BSA (Building Services Authority) licence.

We use our advanced hydraulic jack system to lift the existing house off its stumps and position it to the desired location on the property, hence the term “house sliding.” The house is held in position to allow the installation of structural steel columns, or if necessary, restumping. When everything is in place, we lower the house onto its new site, leaving the extra space our clients need.

Subdivide for Profit, Build a Second Dwelling or Install a Pool

Some of our clients move their houses to subdivide the back half of the block  and sell it as an investment opportunity. Others want a safe home for elderly loved ones, a teenage retreat for emerging adults juggling work and study or an independent living arrangement for a young couple just starting their lives together. A tennis court, a pool, space for large hobbies, the need varies with each project we undertake.

If any of these scenarios sound like something you need, contact us here at Black & White Houseraising and Restumping for a quote. We can help you turn your wasted space into a value proposition.