Helpful articles on the benefits of House Raising, by Black & White restumping services in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Benefits of Raising and Restumping

As the poem goes, “Australia is a land of drought and flooding rains”, and lately more than ever it’s the flooding rains that are prevailing in our nightly weather forecasts. Cast your eyes over the people on the streets in news stories and you will see a colourful sea of umbrellas in their hands as they hurry to get out of the rain. Everywhere you hear the expression, ‘when will this rain stop?’ tumbling from the lips of the populace. When you think about it we really have had more than our fair share, tanks and dams are full and overflowing and it seems more flooding is not far away.

House raising Brisbane in flood prone areas is being carried out on such a regular basis that it is becoming more the norm than an occasional event. So many people are mourning not only the loss of loved ones, but also the loss of precious memorabilia that cannot be replaced. Treasured photos cannot be restored even if they can be found so the only images we have are held in our minds, to fade as we age. Happily, much of this will be prevented from occurring in the future with houses being raised above flood levels at heights that were not permitted by councils in pre flood times.

Restumping Damaged House Stumps

Restumping Brisbane is something else that has been happening more than before due to termite infestations and stumps that have moved due to water inundation, not only in flood areas, but under high homes on slopes where water has rushed underneath during teeming downpours. This is more common in older homes that have been standing on the same stumps for centuries, but can happen in others.

Restumping resets the new stumps  into an upright position, and keeps the floorboards even inside the home. Many people in termite prone areas are opting to restump with concrete stumps to raise the odds in their favour against infestation. This is definitely a worthwhile exercise for the peace of mind it offers, and the stumps will last a lifetime.

Benefits of House Raising

The benefits of house raising are flood proofing, giving the best possible chances of no loss of life or assets, cooler temperatures inside the home, better breeze catching being higher, and it is also said that walking up and down stairs is not only good exercise but great for a healthy heart. By restumping, you benefit from safe and even floorboards in the home, and less risk of being infested by termites when using concrete stumps. Another benefit of raising a home is being able to build a granny flat underneath later.


Raise your Home and Protect your Assets

Protecting photos and other personal possessions is important. A lot of what we own comes with sentimental attachment, not just financial value. With the recent flooding throughout Queensland, a lot of homes went underwater causing a lot of destruction and loss of property. Although homes would have been covered under insurance, there are things such as photos that can never be replaced and that can be heartbreaking.

Benefits of House Raising

Whether your home has been under in the floods or you just need to replace stumps, there are many benefits of house raising. Protecting your assets from floodwaters  is just one of them. Other benefits  include strengthening your foundations, replacing wooden stumps with concrete stumps which are stronger and not in danger from termites as well as realigning your structure. It is important to get the professionals in to do the job for you. It is a very specialized field and requires specialized equipment in order to carry out the job.

Get Professionals Instead of Going DIY

If you do the job yourself without the proper training or equipment, then you risk causing instability and damage to the property. This in the long run will cost more to fix so why not get the professionals in  right from the start. Restumping can be dangerous without the proper knowledge and equipment. House raising professionals have all the equipment as well as many years experience and training. The smart thing to do is hire them to make sure the job is done properly. Isn’t it better then risking damage to your home and perhaps even to you?

If you require the services of a professional house raising company, then be sure to check online to find the best company for your needs. House raising and restumping is important, especially after flooding. Re-stabilize your home today by having your stumps redone.

Protecting Your Home Through Raising and Restumping

Dramatic changes in the climate have caused many tragic events recently. Many lives have been lost due to strong storms that resulted in major flooding in some areas. The weather pattern in the coming years is expected to continue to be erroneous, away from the normal and predictable course, so people are considering getting ready for any unforeseen accidents. One of the ways people can prepare for the unexpected is by upgrading the design of their homes to make them able to withstand strong water surges and flooding.

House raising  and restumping can be done to areas that are prone to flooding. This gives the house ample space underneath for possible floods that may strike the area. Raising and restumping is an ingenious way of providing flood solution to houses that are already standing. For a mere two weeks, experts in concrete stumping can raise a house by using an advanced hydraulic jacking system to push the house up from its foundations. Structural engineers are hired to devise new structural plans for the raised house, and the contractor for the house raising and restumping  handles the rest.

Benefits of Concrete Stumps

There are many benefits of concrete stumps to the house being raised. The prime benefit is of course protection from flooding incidents, especially so if you are living in an area that has experienced flooding once or twice already in the recent years. Because of the unpredictability of the climate and weather, it is but safe and assuring to carry out a raising and restumping  of the house. Some houses sitting on old stumps would need replace their stumps to ensure stability to the structures. Otherwise, it could pose danger to the people residing in the place.

Concrete stumps can also effectively protect the house from termite infestation, which are expected to happen in structural foundations that have been subjected to flood waters. Providing new concrete stumps for the house would keep them away from termites and other pests feeding on the wooden portions of the house.

Added Benefits of a Raised House

A house that has been restumped will also have better air circulation and cooler breeze coming in as it would be situated higher up. The space underneath that will be gained after raising and restumping can be used for other purposes as well, particularly during dry seasons when no storms are seen to come. Providing stumps to the house would allow healthy exercise to residents of the house since they will then be climbing steps to access the house.

Developing Property vs. Selling It And Buying A New House

For many people who want to own their own home, the decision to buy a house comes with all sorts of different questions as to what is the best option for their needs, and how to best go about achieving their goals. For people who are looking to buy an investment property, the intention of buying a house is often to find a place they can live in while working to increase its value so that they are able to sell it for a profit.

Others who are looking for a family home, may not be looking for a speedy turnaround of the property, but may want to live there permanently. There is no real wrong or right answer to the question, although there are a number of benefits in developing an existing property over starting with a new one.

Getting the Best Deal

When it comes to finding an ideal investment property, buying new is not going to provide you with the best investment. When you buy a new house a good part of the money that you are paying is towards the developer, so you will be paying for marketing costs as well as the property, as this is often factored into the price tag. However, buying a second-hand property that needs a little work could get you a great price tag and the potential to increase its value.

Better Negotiating Potential

During the activity of negotiating the best price for a property, an older property has much more chance of being sold below cost than a new property. A developer is very unlikely to construct a property that they need to sell immediately and potentially lose money on, but for someone selling an already established property it can mean dealing with an imperfect market. So they may be more likely to accept a lower price than they would have hoped to get for the property.

Value Adding

If you buy a new home then it already has everything new, including the kitchen, bathroom, floor and wall coverings, so there is less potential for adding value. However, an older established home that is in need of repair provides more opportunity for remodelling, value adding and increasing the selling price. An example of this is when buying a property that is on low ground, and prone to flooding.

You may be able to buy the house for a good price but then by having it lifted and remodelled you will not only create extra space underneath but also increase its value remarkably. Companies such as Black & White House Raising and Restumping are frequently called in to assist with their skill at lifting houses out of flood waters .

Why You Should Consider House Raising

If your house is in a flood prone area, house raising is an option that you should be seriously consider. House raising offers many benefits to the residents. It can save you a great deal of trouble when big storms hit your area.

Of course, house raising will mean extra expenses on your part, but if you weigh the cost against the benefits, you will see that you are bound to get so much more from investing in lifting your house from the ground.

The process involves the use of hydraulic jacks to lift the entire house  to another level. This gives an extra empty space on the ground floor. There are various reasons why you should consider raising your house.

Reducing Flood Risk

You can get valuable peace of mind once you decide to raise your house. There is no telling when the next big storm is going to hit or how strong it might be. It can be a series of storms that will leave the community in floodwater for days.

Normally, when a house becomes flooded, the residents have to carry their belongings to the second floor, if there is one. Otherwise, the furniture and all other appliances could be damaged by the flood. The clean-up process can be the most stressful part of the disaster. Investing in house raising can help make sure that your home will be safe from flooding.

Lifting the house will create a vacant ground level where floodwater can flow freely. During the non-stormy season, the area can be used for other purposes. But once the storm season hits, you and your family can sit comfortably inside the house assured that your furniture and other belongings will not be soaked in floodwater.

Reducing Insurance Costs

Insurance companies do not want to lose money because of natural disasters, so they ask for higher premiums for homes in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding. You can get significant reductions in insurance premiums if you show the insurance company that you doing something to protect your home.

Complying with the Community’s Floodplain Management

House raising is always part of the local council’s floodplain management scheme. Voluntarily raising your house will help the local government take care of the community. In planning for the house raising, make sure to consult with the authorities about the requirements for your area. You will be guided according to the expected flood levels and severity of the flood incidents.