Tips in finding the right contractor for house raising and restumping from articles by Black & White home lifting service in Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Professional Restumping

When tackling a home renovation project, the first thing you will want to consider is whether to restump the house. The foundation of the house is the most important part, as without a strong foundation, it would be a complete waste of time to do any other work to a house. The best thing you can do when renovating is to work from the bottom up, and deal with the most important part first, the foundation, and go from there. Here are some things to consider before choosing to engage the services of a professional restumper.

Is the House Worth Restumping?

One glaringly obvious question to ask is whether the house is worth going to the trouble of restumping. If the house itself has issues such as termite damage, dry rot throughout, or has been badly constructed to begin with, then restumping it will mean that you are throwing your money away. If the house itself is not in good order, it might be a better idea to take the whole house down and start afresh.

Restump or Raise?

If you have had the building inspected and deemed it worth saving, the next thing you might want to think about it is, how high? If you are planning on raising the house to restump it, you might want to go the extra mile and have it raised enough to build extra rooms underneath. This would often mean a bit more of a long-term financial investment but creating more space could really change the house significantly and increase its resale value.

Choice of Stumps

So once you have made your decision about what you want to do with the house, you will need to choose which materials you want to use for your restumping project. Most of the older stumps were timber, which need to be replaced anywhere from 15 years to 80 years, depending on other factors such as wood used, soil conditions and other external factors. Most new stumps are made of concrete with galvanised steel inside, which will last a lot longer than the average timber stumps.

Building Permits and Relevant Paperwork

Before you can go ahead and get the restumping underway you will also need to organise building permits and other relevant paperwork. If you are choosing the services of a professional such as Black and White Houseraising and Restumping, they will provide information to you about what is needed and the costs involved.

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Replacing House Stumps Requires Professional Expertise

Most modern homes in Queensland, that is, homes built in the past 40 years or so, are now concrete slab constructions, which are a complete turn-around from the methods used since European settlement. In pioneer times, houses were built on timber stumps and it was not until mid-20th century that the timber stumps were replaced by concrete. As time passed the timber stumps aged, becoming rotten and defective and it is now a multi-million dollar business to have them replaced.

Trust Only Experienced and Competent Operators

The types of stumps that are used in Queensland are either CCA (copper chrome arsenate) treated pine or concrete. Connecting the new stumps to the bearer is a crucial part of the operation as any shortcuts by dubious operators will place the whole structure at risk. This is why selecting an experienced and trusted contractor is absolutely essential.

The Black and White House Raising company is a member of the Master Builders Association and holds a BSA licence, as well as being fully insured. With 12 years of experience in raising and restumping homes, they guarantee their work and operate in all suburbs in and around Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Some Hints to Sort the Best from the Rest

They are happy to offer the following information to people looking for reliable and experienced contractors, as they know that their operation meets all of these criteria:

  • Obtain quotes in writing and specify the type of stumps to be used and their spacing.
  • Request that when the work is completed, the floor will be brought reasonably back to level that is, within 10mm.
  • The work must be performed to meet the relevant building standards and regulations.
  • The contractor obtains the necessary building permit or permits.
  • If floorboards need to be removed, to what state are they to be restored and whose responsibility is it to remove and replace floor coverings.
  • The start and finish dates of the project.
  • The full cost including GST.

Compare Quotes Carefully

When comparing quotes, make sure that the items in all the quotes are the same. A lower price may mean that some part of the operation has been left out, which could cause major problems later on. One way that unscrupulous operators save costs is by not supplying sufficient stumps. The homeowner is usually unaware until the floor becomes uneven or cracks appear in plaster walls.

The standard of professional restumping provided by Black & White House Raising can be verified by contacting some of their many satisfied clients. For genuine, reliable service at very competitive prices, give them a call.

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Choosing the Right Restumping Service for Your Home

Restumping and house raising can be very beneficial to homeowners in many ways. It is a great solution for houses that constantly have to deal with rising waters during strong rain and storms. Restumping is also a viable solution for homes that are having structural problems due to termite infestation. Old houses with timber stumps are sure to need  quality restumping intervention or the building could be in danger due to structural instability.

While it can be easy to know if a house needs a restumping and house raising job, it is not as easy to find the right restumping service. With so many companies offering restumping and house raising services, there are a few points that can be considered to find the right company.

Assess Their Technology

Much of the success of a restumping and house raising work is dependent on the technology that is being used. Make sure that the company is equipped with the latest technologies  in jacking systems to safely lift the house.


Naturally, the company that homeowners should hire must have good reputation. It would be good to do a background check on the companies offering restumping services in the area. Ask their former clients for some feedback to get an insight on the quality of work. It is advantageous if the company is a member of reputable groups such as the Master Builders Association. It would be advantageous if the restumping company has extensive experience working with homeowners and professional builders.

Expertise and Available Services

Every homeowner will need a specific type of restumping work, depending on the existing situation. The house may simply need a replacement of the stumps or it may have to be relevelled to correct the defects caused by stump damage. The house may desperately have to be raised to be safe from torrential rains  and flooding, or the homeowner may just want to move the house to another site, perhaps to make room for a subdivision of the lot. The homeowner should be selecting a service based on the work that needs to be done on the site.


It is important that the company hired is fully covered by insurance. There are dangers involved in restumping and house raising work, so there is always that possibility of an unwanted accident happening. But if the company is fully insured, the homeowner does not have worry about accidents and liability.

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Dreaming of More Space for you and the Family?

Are you daydreaming of living with more space? Perhaps it’s a separate living area for the kids to go make noise, watch television and play computer games. Maybe its room for that pool table you have been dreaming of playing on when your mates come round. Perhaps you have the in-laws coming to stay and you want to give them their own space thus allowing you all to have some privacy when you want it.

The choices abound on how you can achieve any one of these dreams. The most obvious of course, is to move and find a bigger home. But, what if you love where you are and don’t want to move? There are many reasons to choose to stay where you are. Despite it being cramped, you love the house you are in or it’s close to friends, family, the city, shopping, the beach, work or the kid’s school.

Have you considered  reliable house raising and restumping? If you are living in a single story home that is currently on low or non-conforming height stumps this could be the solution you have been searching for.

Proper Planning Produces Perfect Results

It is essential you do your homework. Setting a limit on what you can afford is the very first thing to cross off the list. It is essential to keep the building rule of thumb in mind when considering this. Allow 10% for the unexpected. As with many building projects budgets can blow out very quickly.

Ensure you have checked with your local authority or a qualified building designer as to what regulatory requirements there may be. You will also need to have structural plans drawn up by an engineer outlining exactly what is required before you can start asking for quotes.

Sourcing a Contractor

Black & White House Raising, ( is a family owned business that has been in operation for the last 12 years. They have carried out many house raises in the South East corner of Queensland covering an area from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs and on to the Gold Coast.

As such they are in a terrific position to offer obligation free quotes and expert advice. They guarantee all work conducted and as a state of the art hydraulic jacking system is utilised, they can finish a raise in approximately two weeks.

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Raising Home: On the Way to Preventing Flood Damage

Storm season is on its way to the Queensland area again. Because of the past storm surges that happened, many are now wary of possible damage that can be brought about by floods due to heavy rainfall. Households can prepare for such scenarios by considering house raising  as an option.

What is House Raising?

Houses that are prone to flooding should seriously consider house raising. These include homes that are located in low-lying areas, which are sure to be the catch-basin in case a very strong downpour occurs. Flood levels can rise quickly with a strong storm with heavy rain. Damage from flood, whether it is a flash flood or stagnating flood can be avoided with the help of house raising.

Simply put, house raising involves elevating the house from its current level. The house is entirely lifted up using hydraulic jacks and raised to a desired level. House raising is the same method that is used when the house needs stumps replacement or repair. To avoid flood damage, the house can be lifted and structural beams and columns installed to give it extra height. With the columns, the house gains a ground level that can be transformed into a car park or for any other purposes when there are no threats of flood damage.

Find the Right Contractor

House raising is not a simple job that can be handled by just anyone. It must be planned thoroughly with the help of an architect to draw up the structural plans. The plans are necessary to get the required council approval for the construction project. It will take from 2 to 4 weeks to complete the job, depending on the size of the house that will be lifted.

Black & White House Raising provides reliable house raising services to suit the requirements of the homeowner. The company utilises only advanced hydraulic jack system to safely lift the house to a higher level. As part of its dependable service offering, the company provides full insurance on the jobs that they undertake.

The company’s house raising services give homeowners a choice when it comes to dealing with seasonal flood problems. With this service, the homeowner can get that extra space  that they desire and at the same time, they are able to protect their property from natural disaster. Black & White House Raising offers free quotes and would love to answer any type of queries regarding house raising. To find out more, visit the company’s website at or talk to one of the company’s representatives.

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Buying a House? Choose a Reliable House-Raising/Restumping

You’re thinking of buying a house, at a temptingly cheap price, but it needs a major renovation. Or maybe you’re starting a business of buying houses for restoration and reselling after you’ve improved them. Either way, you will need some assistance such as house raising or lifting, and restumping or re-blocking services that Black & White House Raising can provide.

Before you do any restoration to the house, it’s best to consult with your agent first. Ask details about the house regarding its age and what materials were used, amongst others. This way, you can have a better idea of the house’s condition, before shelling out more money.

House Raising Defined

Efficient house raising  is a service done by construction experts. It literally denotes lifting the entire house, but of course, these contractors specialise in foundation repairs, demolition and they provide solutions to address water damage.

The three most popular reasons for having a home lifted are:

  • Preventing water damage;
  • Fixing a foundation, especially those already destroyed by water causing rotten timber foundations; and
  • Building an additional floor.

What is Restumping or Reblocking?

Restumping or re-blocking means resetting or replacing stumps or foundations that have already rotted or settled due to soil movement. When portions of the house’s flooring don’t seem to be on the same level or emit a creaking sound when stepped upon, especially on wooden floors, typically this means that restumping is necessary .

The common signs that a house needs restumping are:

  • Continually cracking interior walls;
  • ‘Soft’ or uneven floors;
  • Exterior cracking on brickwork; and
  • Doors and windows not functioning properly.

When replacing stumps, it’s usually more advisable to use concrete or hot dip galvanised steel ones, but they can be a bit expensive, although the lifespan will be almost indefinite and require low maintenance. Timber stumps are 10% cheaper than concrete, but they can only last for at most 20 years.

Not all stumps have to be replaced since the percentage of rotting may differ, depending on the amount of water damage or exposure. But if almost all your stumps have to be replaced, then it may be time to consider house lifting/raising, especially if you’re short on garage or basement space.

House-Raising and Restumping Linked

House lifting or raising and restumping are linked to each other because they’re both necessary to improve your home investment. Restumping cannot be done properly without raising the house, and a house won’t be stable enough to live in without good stumping underneath it. Once you have this settled, and hire the services of contractors like Black & White House Raising, you won’t have trouble renovating the property and eventually reselling the investment you made.

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Services Fit to Raise the House

Black & White House Raising & Restumping is a Brisbane based, family owned and operated business specialising in….. You guessed it—house raising and restumping .

It goes beyond that though. What they really believe they are doing is helping people just like you, do a bit of dream building and create the perfect home.

There is nothing more satisfying to them than helping people realise their dreams of having more space. Whether you are looking for extra room for the growing brood, installing a second bathroom or creating a nest egg by preparing an investment home to attract top tenants, they can help.

As members of the Master Builders Association (Member No.18825) and Building Services Australia (Licence No.893121) for the past 12 plus years, they have proved themselves to be a trustworthy company.

Food for Thought

So what is it you are hoping to achieve?

If you are considering house raising you have probably worked out that it is cheaper than demolishing and starting again. You have also probably worked out that you like where the house is situated in relation to schools, shops and work and don’t want to go through the stress of moving home. Alternatively, if this home is an investment, you have bought it because you can see the value, return, and potential it has to offer.

Develop a Plan

What is it you wish to achieve?

Once you have an idea in your head the next step is to talk with an architect or designer. They will need to know what your vision is, what budget you are planning and the timeframe you are hoping to achieve. If you do not know where to start to find a designer, Black and White House Raising and Restumping can recommend a reliable and reputable professional whom they have worked with many times. The bonus of choosing someone they know and trust means they understand each other. They are able to easily transmit the end design you are trying to achieve.

Once you have this step out of the way, the next and final step is to obtain Building Approval from your local council authority. As Black and White House Raising and Restumping have performed effective house raising from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between they have worked with all local Councils and are familiar with each authority’s requirements.

So, if you want the best, visit

Finding the Right Restumping Contractor

Restumping services may be called for if your house have rotting or damaged stumps that may become potentially dangerous. Defective stumps are usually found in older types of houses that utilised wooden stumps. Because timber stumps are meant to last for only a few decades, most of the old houses that used wood stumps will definitely need restumping. Defective stumps could cause floors to be uneven or cause cracks to appear on the flooring. Damaged stumps may also cause the windows or doors to get crooked. There are many benefits that can be obtained after a restumping job. Many of these benefits can be reaped if the right restumping service is chosen.

Results of Unqualified Service

Many problems could occur if an unqualified restumping service is picked to do the job. You must remember that this type of construction repair work is not that simple. If not done right, floors may be left unlevelled. Stumps may also cause cracking of the floor if the stumps are not securely fixed. This would result in unpleasant noise when stepping on the floor.

The Right Restumping Service

In finding the right restumping contractor, experience would play a major role the selection process. Contractors with a good deal of experience in the industry are more likely to provide high quality service. Your contractor of choice should also have the latest hydraulic jacking systems for the restumping job. The restumping required in your house may be for a restumping of the whole house. Using high tech hydraulic jacking systems would ensure that your house is raised safely for the restumping.

Be Careful of Cheap Service

You will need to be careful about the price quote of a restumping service. Cheaper service could mean low quality service and bad quality of stumps, so do not be taken in by low price for such a complicated job. You can do a background check on the potential restumping services you are eyeing. It would be good if they are a member of the Master Builders Association, which means that they are aware of the governing rules, regulations and standards set on construction. The contractor should also have full insurance coverage to ensure that any untoward incidents would be covered accordingly. You can check on the contractor’s past projects to see if they went well and if the end results were satisfactory.

Restumping projects are sometimes necessary to restore a house to its former glory. There are many restumping services in Brisbane , so the trick would be to find the best service for you restumping requirements.

Protecting Homes by House Raising

Black & White House Raising and Restumping takes pride in being in the business of helping protect homes and lives from potential dangers. The company, which is engaged in house restumping, helps add value to an existing house that would have lost value in the market because of its location or structural soundness .

Making Homes Flood-Proof and Strong

The company’s services  include house raising for standalone residences lying on flood prone areas. As the climate gets more erratic every year, houses built on flood prone areas are in danger getting damaged. But there is hope with the technology that Black & White House Raising provides. It distinguishes itself from other house raising services with its dedication and focus on quality and customer service. Restumping could also be done to fix the level of the floor that had moved because of damaged stumps.

Other homes need house raising services to repair the stumps that could endanger the stability of the structures. If not given the needed attention, houses with rotting or pest infested stumps  may cause the flooring to become uneven. Worse, this could lead to a total collapse of supporting structures connected to the stumps.

Customers who would want to study or evaluate the costs related to house raising or restumping can have an obligation-free assessment from Black & White, giving the client the freedom to decide whether to go about the project.

Guaranteed Service

Given the complexity of house raising and restumping, Black & White gives clients the needed assurance in their every project. “With over 12 years experience, we are fully insured for peace of mind,” the company says. This assurance frees the homeowner from unnecessary worries in case some untoward accidents occur during the duration of the house raising project.

The company adopts strict guidelines in all its house raising and restumping projects. Black & White uses only the latest technology in house raising. Safety is the primary concern of the company in every house raising project. “Black & White also have a state of the art hydraulic jacking system which means your house is raised safely at the push of a button,” according to the company. Executing the house raising and restumping carefully and safely can mean breathing new life to a house that may have been regarded as worthless because of the structural instability. This house rescue of sort through raising and restumping could be done for the entire house or it could be to repair and replace stumps.

Lifts and Holds from Black & White House Raising and Restumping

If a house becomes skewed or unlevelled, there are most likely some problems with the foundations. The most probable culprit would be damaged stumps. In other cases, the house needs to be lifted and re-stumped so as to put it on a higher level. This solution is viable for houses that lie on a flood prone area.

Black and White Raising and Restumping has been specialising in restumping and house raising in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Backed by more than 12 years of experience in the restumping and house raising business, Black and White offers quality service that fits the budget of homeowners.

Quality Lifts and Holds

The quality of house raising, particularly, lifts and holds, depends much on the  expertise  and the technology being used. Black and White makes sure that the house is raised safely to the height that is desired. The company uses advanced hydraulic jacks to safely lift the building to the intended height.

Upon lifting, Black and White holds the house in place using structural steel columns and beams. To make sure that the house is held in position securely, Black and White uses only Duragal steel, which has been tested for optimum strength and stability.

The Price Advantage

People often ask, how much to raise a house, when deciding whether or not to pursue restumping and house raising. The project cost will depend a lot on the size of the house being lifted.

If you have a house that is small with two bedrooms, the price is in the range of $15,000 to $17.000. A regular 3-bedroom house can cost somewhere from $18,000 to $26,000, but if it is a bigger 3-bedroom home, it could cost from $22,000 to around $30,000. Price does not incorporate other related costs, which include costs of plans, services disconnection and new concrete slabs.

The lift and hold costs are still considered more advantageous as you get to enjoy the better condition of your raised home without having to spend much more for a new building. Lift and hold  is also a very good way of preserving the classic old style of a residential building, such as a Queenslander house.

Your Peace of Mind

At Black and White, we put a lot of importance on your peace of mind. That is why we employ only the best technology in our projects. Our team is also fully insured, so there is no need to worry about any untoward incidents that might happen during the house raising operation. As a member of the Master Builders Association, Black and White is dedicated to providing quality workmanship in the construction work we are handling. Black and White can be contacted online at