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Techniques For Restumping Your Home

There are two basic techniques for restumping a home, with three different types of materials that are available to be used. Although it is not always easy to tell if the stumps need to be replaced, there are some signs to look out for that may indicate that the stumps need replacing: If you notice […]

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Most Ideal Environments For Restumping

As you might imagine, restumping a house can be a pretty big job. We are lifting a house up, removing its foundations and replacing them with fresh ones. Depending on the environment where the work is being done, the job can be either easy, or hard to access with all of the equipment. But if […]

Top Five Benefits Of Restumping Your House

Anyone who has a house on stumps or a home built in a flood prone area is usually well aware of their nemesis – moisture. This is especially if the house is built on wood stumps. Many of the older style Queenslander houses were built on hardwood stumps, which are a very durable material, but […]