House Lifting Jacks and their Uses

With a lot of old homes that are on stumps, they can shift on their stumps with the movement that goes on in the earth. This can cause things such as frames slightly bowing or being out of alignment and sometimes makes it hard for doors and windows to be closed or opened. In more serious cases, the house my need to be restumped in order to correct the problem. If you need your house restumped then it is often best to speak with a professional that is trained in this area and will be able to do the job safely as well as having the correct equipment such as house lifting jacks.

When engaging a restumping Brisbane professional, always make sure you research what they offer you for the price to get the best deal possible for your budget. There are quite a few companies out there, but not all companies will give you value for your money. Specialized equipment is used and a trained professional is required to use them.

Equipment such as a house lifting jack is required to lift a house of its stumps safely. Although it may seem like an easy task to use a house lifting jack, it is not. You need to know where to place the jacks in order for the house to be lifted properly off its stumps without the frame being damaged.

So what is a house lifting jack? A house jack is a mechanical device that is used to lift houses off their foundations. It is also called a screw jack. A number of jacks are set up in strategic positions and wood cribbing is then used as temporary supports. The jacks are then lifted until the height required is reached, only then can the work crew set to work changing the stumps and making them more solid. At the top of the jack is a 4”x4” cast iron circular pad which the post rests on. The pad moves independently of the jack so that it doesn’t turn when the acme-threaded rod is turned with a metal rod. This allows for a slight tilt but not enough to put the post dangerously out of sync.

Having house raising Brisbane professionals take care of your restumping needs will ensure that the job is done professionally and most importantly of all, safely. So if you think your home may need restumping then have a talk to the professionals today. You will be glad you did!