How To Prevent Flood And Water Damage

If you live on low lying ground, in a flood prone area, or a place where the weather can be unpredictable, preparing for flooding is an important part of being weather ready. During these days of climate fluctuation it’s important to be ready for anything, as the Australian weather has demonstrated to be a wild beast at times.

Getting your house prepared for any of the possible weather events that could cause flooding, will save you a lot of time and money in the long run, and as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The most important thing to really look out for is that your home is foundation-wise safe from flooding, which could benefit from having it lifted high above storm waters  as the first option, and which would save you money on the smaller measures. The folks at Black & White House Raising and Restumping have perfected the art of raising and restumping homes, and they are sold on the idea of getting you high and dry, away from the water completely. Here are some tips to prepare if your home is in a flood prone area:

Know Your Area

Get to know your area, and find out which parts of it are prone to floods. Knowing where the water runs will help you to know where to direct your water flow when digging drainage. All of this needs to be done usually when the weather is dry, so you will have to watch when it rains and see the lay of the land, and where the water is running so you can direct it away from your home.


Adequate drainage is an important part of preventing water damage to your home. This includes the drainage from the gutters and down pipes, but also important for where it hits the ground. If you do not have adequate downpipe draining at ground level it could seep under the slab of your home if it is at ground level, causing mould and other water damage to spread under the foundations and into the walls. This is one reason why lifting your house is a great option for preventing water damage from flood waters , especially if there is a lot of water and nowhere for it to go.

Raise Electrical Wiring and Appliances

In the event of a house being built on low ground, installing electrical wiring and appliances at a higher level is common sense and saves much trouble if there is flooding in the future. Also storing valuables such as photo albums and important papers at a higher level such as in the attic will ensure that this is one less thing to worry about if flood waters hit.

Raise It Up

Why go for small measures, when the easiest solution, as many of Black and White Houseraising and Restumping customers have learnt, is to raise the whole house up and out of the way of water. The added benefit is that you get a lot of extra living space  in the process, for a rumpus room, storage space or extra bedrooms, making it a valuable investment to your home.