Protecting Your Home Through Raising and Restumping

Dramatic changes in the climate have caused many tragic events recently. Many lives have been lost due to strong storms that resulted in major flooding in some areas. The weather pattern in the coming years is expected to continue to be erroneous, away from the normal and predictable course, so people are considering getting ready […]

Renovating Through House Raising

Houses can get really distorted and crooked if there are stump problems. Stumps essentially form the foundation of the house, so if the stumps are rotting, the house will likely be misaligned or unlevelled. This is the primary reason why some homeowners decide to do a restumping job. Some homeowners, however, make house raising a […]

Protecting Homes by House Raising

Black & White House Raising and Restumping takes pride in being in the business of helping protect homes and lives from potential dangers. The company, which is engaged in house restumping, helps add value to an existing house that would have lost value in the market because of its location or structural soundness . Making Homes Flood-Proof […]

Big Yard But No Space? House Sliding Could Be the Solution

While modern housing trends for small blocks of land or apartment living have started to make their mark on the Australian landscape, most dwellings still sit on large blocks with much of the space occupied by lawns and gardens. As demographic changes take place with each succeeding generation, and it becomes harder for young people […]

Importance of Restumping Your House

Australian homes that are built on timber stumps will have to eventually be restumped. Timber stumps, which are usually found on older homes, lead to serious problems over time. Wooden stumps can easily fall prey to termites, or they can rot with continued exposure to moisture. Restumping  is so much like a facelift; it is a […]