Re-levelling Floors

A house can get into a lot of problems if the floor gets uneven. Aside from the aesthetic issue, a house with unlevelled flooring also faces danger from unstable structures. Unlevelled flooring is usually caused by damaged or defective stumps. Some parts of the floor might sink and floor tiles might misalign because of the unevenness of the floor. Unlevelled floors might also cause some problems with the doors or windows not fitting correctly because of the unlevelled flooring. A good way of solving uneven flooring due to defective stumps is through a restumping job  that will restore the floor to its original condition. This service can be obtained from a fully licensed house raising and restumping company.

Stumps Get Damaged Over Time

Unlevelled floors result from defective stumps. Old style stumps are typically the victim of termite infestation. After a few decades, old houses with wooden stumps rot or get damaged as they get exposed to the natural elements. Some portions of the flooring subside, resulting in the floors being uneven. This situation needs to be corrected because it will only get worse as termites and natural degradation eat up the wooden stumps.

Restumping Process and Stump Materials

Uneven flooring can be corrected with the help of a restumping company. To correct the problem, the house will be raised using hydraulic jacks. The amount of work that will be done will depend on the severity of the problem. If the problem is not too severe, it may only require replacement of one or two stumps. If the problem is severe or if other stumps need to be upgraded to avoid future problems, the entire house will need restumping. It requires replacement of the stumps with better stump materials. The restumping service may use wood treated with CCA (copper chrome arsenate) or concrete stumps, which will last longer than timber stumps. These materials are resistant to damaging insects, particularly termites, so they are expected to provide better support for the flooring.

Professionals Recommended

While some may suggest that the re-levelling can be done by the homeowner, it is still recommended that a professional and licensed builder be contracted for this type of work. A professional restumping service is sure to have the needed technical equipment to safely and properly raise the house for restumping. A licensed restumping business also has valuable experience to handle different problems with stump damage. It would be good to hire a professional service with proper insurance coverage so there is little worry in case some mishap happens during the restumping and re-levelling work.