Things to Consider When Raising Your Home

Some houses just need to be raised. The house could be located in a flood-prone area and house raising is a viable solution to keep it safe during the storm season. House raising is also a good way to get more space in the house or to repair old and damaged stumps.

If your house needs to be raised from its current position, it would take you a significant amount of money before that task is done. It is therefore wise to plan well before you engage in the project. Here are just some of the things you have to consider when raising your house.

Type of Stumps

Old, damaged stumps need to be replaced to properly restore the house to its former glory. There are various types of stumps that you can use to replace the old timber stumps in your house. Timber stumps do not last that long, especially if they get damaged by water or termites.

When replacing stumps you should consider using the more long-lasting material. Steel columns are the recommended material to replace stumps, especially for raising houses, because of their durability and low maintenance.

Steel columns may be hot dipped galvanised to make them more resistant to corrosion. Galvanised steel columns would cost you much more, but it would be worth it because the columns would last longer and require very low maintenance.

You also have to consider the height of the steel column. It would be good to make good use of the extra space you are gaining on the ground floor when your house is raised. The height of the steel columns would depend on the use you are envisioning. Higher steel columns would need braces for support to make the columns sturdier.

Hiring the Right Contractor

Getting the right contractor is very important if you are raising your house to a higher level. Look for a reliable and well-experienced raising and restumping company to do the house raising job. The company must have advanced equipment, including hydraulic jacks to safely raise the house to the desired level.

While it is good to check the pricing, the quality of the work should be the prime consideration when hiring a contractor for the house raising. This job requires a lot of experience and expertise, and if something goes wrong, you could end up paying so much more, as you would have to hire a better company to rectify the mistakes. Make sure that your contractor has the necessary expertise in the field and will use the right materials and equipment for safe and proper house raising.