Timber House Stumps – Potential Dangers and What to Check For

When buying a house it is often the issues that you cannot see that will be the ones that could cause you the most trouble, so it is always important to look into things to ensure that you are getting what you want. The foundations of a house are one of the most important parts of a house because they underpin the structural integrity of buildings. The stumps are attached to both the house and the foundations, so if there is an issue with them it can mean the house is no longer safe to inhabit.

Cracks in Plaster, Concrete or Brickwork

A tell-tale sign that there is an issue with the structural integrity of the house or foundations can be cracks in the plaster, concrete or brickwork of the dwelling. Houses will shift slightly over time, but if you start to notice advanced cracking in the plaster walls, concrete or brickwork it may point to an issue with the foundations somewhere or with the stumps.

Uneven Floors/Jamming Doors and Windows

Other tell-tale signs of damaged stumps  can include uneven floors, or windows and doors that jam. If the stumps have rotted evenly the floor may appear solid, but this does not always indicate that there is not a problem as they may not have reached failure point yet. If the floor is badly sloping away from a brick fireplace this is a good sign that there is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Water Pooling Near Foundations

If you start to notice water pooling near the foundations or if you notice that there is a depression in the ground near the house, this could be a sign that there is something going on underground. A hole near the foundations needs to be filled to ensure that water does not get in and cause any more damage under the surface.

Checking Stumps

One way to check the condition of the timber stumps  (if you can gain access to the area) is to scrape away up to 100mm of the soil to check for the state of the stumps under the ground. It is best to check all of them as only checking one or two will not tell you everything you need to know. The worst stumps are the ones that have the most water marks or show serious deterioration, but this is not always evident unless you know what you are looking for.

Professional Services

Because your home is your castle, it pays to employ the services of an experienced restumping team such as Black & White House Raising and Restumping to ensure that you are not missing something and you are able to have peace of mind about the roof over your head. Having a professional such as someone from Black & White House Raising and Restumping check the foundations for you will tell you whether you need to do a full restumping or if you can get away with only replacing some of the stumps .