We cover all aspects of the House Raising & Restumping Industry. Our Services include:


Duragal Steel Columns

Duragal Steel Columns (Hot dipped Galvanised)

CCA Treated Timber

Steel Beams

We can only give written quotes on house raising and restumping when there is a set of structural plans from an engineer. Until this information is available we can only give rough verbal estimates. We are more than happy to set you in the right direction if you are at the start of your project.

men carrying a house


Our professional and qualified house raising services are implemented to protect homes from damage that can be caused by floods in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas. It is highly recommended that houses situated in flood-prone areas be raised in order to protect the property during inclement weather and massive rainfall. At Black and White House Raising & Restumping we utilise advanced hydraulic jacking system to safely lift the house from the ground without any damage being caused to the house itself.

The procedure of house raising will not only protect homes from flooding, but also provide an extra space on the ground underneath the home. This can be used for vehicle parking, work shed or with approval, it can be enclosed to extend the interior of the home. This space then can be turned into a laundry, guest quarters, a granny flat to rent out or simply extra space for the family to enjoy. The expected duration of the project takes around 2 weeks, depending on the structural foundation of the house.  Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast Council approval is required before commencing a house raising project. It is highly recommended this job only be carried out by professionals.

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Professional restumping for homes in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast is available with our team. The procedure of restumping is needed for houses with defective stumps. Failure to get stumps repaired in time can cause unlevelled floors, crooked doors and windows. This in turn can end up costing the home owner far more than the procedure of raising and restumping. The more common stumps that need replacing are timber stumps. Usually found in older homes, timber stumps usually rot or get damaged by termites after a few decades of exposure to natural elements.

Black and White House Raising & Restumping offers professional and reliable restumping services to Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane home owners. We can offer a single stump replacement or an entire house raising and restumping. We use hydraulic jacks to safely lift the house; stumps are replaced with high quality, durable stump materials such as timber treated with copper chrome arsenate (CCA) or concrete stumps for longer lasting installation.  In order to get an accurate value of the project, structural plans from an engineer are required to assess the job to be carried out.

Please Contact Us. Most general restumping and related work don’t require these details.

House Sliding


We offer house sliding  / on site move. Similar to house raising projects, advanced hydraulic jacks are utilised to lift the house safely at a push of a button. The house is then positioned to the correct or desired location in the property. Upon sliding or moving the house on site, the house would be held in position for installation of structural steel columns or undergo complete restumping.

As house raising is a complicated project to undertake, it is best to deal with a contractor such as Black and White, which has proper expertise and is a proud member of the Master Builders Association.

Please Contact Us. Most general restumping and related work don’t require these details.

Structural Steel Beams


At Black and White House Raising & Restumping we offer installation of structural steel beams for houses that are moved or raised from the ground. Structural beams are installed to obtain bigger space between structural posts, thereby getting rid of extra stumps. This would be perfect if you want to turn the extra space below into a parking space.

Prior to installation of structural steel beams, structural plans from an engineer have to be examined to determine the best way to deal with the structural foundation.

Installation of steel structures is necessary for raising a house from the ground, adding support to the raised house. Black and White uses only the toughest steel beams for sound structural support to the house.

Please Contact Us. Most general restumping and related work don’t require these details.



Our releveling services are done when house stumps and floor foundations are repaired. Unlevelled floorings are most of the time the result of defective stumps that support the house. Timber stumps that have rotted or have been damaged tend to collapse and leave parts of the floors to drop.

Replacing defective stumps with rot resistant stumps can bring back the floor to an even level and keep it that way for a longer period of time. Releveling can be done when a house is raised or when the entire house’s stumps are replaced.

Please Contact Us. Most general restumping and related work don’t require these details.



Here at Black and White House Raising & Restumping we provide quality bracing services to improve the rigidity and strength of the steel structures, beams and steel columns supporting the house. When a house is raised, structural steel columns and beams are installed to hold the house in a stable position.

To ensure the stability of the structural steel columns, steel braces are sometimes required. Black and White is well equipped to determine the structural stability of a raised house and would be able to advise if additional steel bracing is needed in between steel posts.

Please Contact Us. Most general restumping and related work don’t require these details.

lift and hold


At Black and White House Raising & Restumping, we provide professional lift and hold services for houses in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas that need restumping or lifting. We use a state of the art hydraulic jack system to ensure safety and quality of all work carried out by our team. Our experienced and qualified team at Black and White House Raising & Restumping lifts the Brisbane house to the desired height once approval for this project is received.

After lifting, they will then install the necessary structural steel posts and beams to hold the house in a proper and stable position. All of the equipment used in the lifting process in Brisbane and the other cities we cover, is of high quality and is safety checked prior to use. This not only ensures the preservation of your Brisbane home, but also the safety of all attending the worksite. We only use the best materials available to ensure a top end result and satisfaction of our clients every time.  Much of the success of a house lifting project relies on the experience of the contractor, the machinery used to lift the house and the stability of the steel structures. We take great pride in our work, striving always for the perfect end result and believe that safety at all times is of utmost importance. Black and White House Raising & Restumping uses Duragal steel columns for optimum strength and stability.

Please Contact Us. Most general restumping and related work don’t require these details.

Please contact us. Most general restumping and related work don’t require these details.