Adhere To The Laws Or Else: House Restumping And Raising Laws, And Their Purpose

It seems that there are so many different policies and laws around everything we do, that at times it makes us wonder if they are just there to create revenue for the government. However, when it comes to house raising and restumping the laws are there for one purpose – to protect you. For a house raising and restumping company, knowing and adhering to these laws is not just about keeping their license; it could be a matter of life and death, so we take them very seriously. If you employ the services of a company that does not follow the laws, you may be opening yourself up to litigation so it is important to choose a reputable contractor such as Black & White Houseraising & Restumping.

Why Is Licensing So Important for Safety?

When it comes to raising or restumping a house a lot can go wrong. For a business to get a license it means that they have demonstrated that they have completed the safety training to carry out the work that they are doing. You would not want to put the wellbeing of your family in the hands of some cowboy who does not have the experience, expertise and knowledge needed to not just do the work, but to do it as safely as possible. For this reason, ensure that you choose a company that has the required licences and are legally able to do the work that is needed.

Protection for Your Home

Another important issue with using a company that does not have the required licensing or does not adhere to the relevant industry laws is that it could impact your home directly. Work that is not carried out by a qualified expert could be deemed unsafe or unlawful, which may lead to it needing to be demolished under law. In this worst-case scenario, the local council may come and force you to vacate your home while it is being rebuilt, which would leave you out of your home, and out of pocket. Adhering to the safety and other laws is not just protection for you personally, but for others who may be visiting your home and/or working on your premises.

Peace of Mind

Imagine if you went to a restaurant and there was no chef, but instead it was someone pretending to know how to cook. There are many different factors that could even cause you physical harm. For a start, you may not know if the plates and cutlery have been cleaned appropriately, and the food may be past its use-by-date. Also, the flavour may not be pleasing to you. As you can imagine, there are lots of factors that need to be taken into consideration with any work that is carried out, and when it comes to house raising and restumping this is even more important than in the restaurant scenario. Employing a licensed, experienced and lawful company to do the work ensures professional workmanship, which provides peace of mind for you both while the work is being done, and into the future.