house being renovation

Benefits Of Expanding Your Home

Often when we are looking at getting our foundations repaired or new stumps put in, we may have an idea to go ahead and renovate the house while we are at it. As many people have found, this can be a helpful idea that benefits their lifestyle in a variety of ways. During the process of having your house lifted for relevelling, stump replacement or foundation work, it makes sense to widen your vision of what may be possible.

Make Room for a Growing Family

For those whose family has grown to the point where they are starting to feel a bit ‘under each other’s feet’, expanding into the underside of their home can be an excellent way of providing extra space for the whole family to enjoy. Often the addition of an extra bathroom, a rumpus room, extra bedroom or storage area will make a huge difference to the family spending quality time, rather than leaning on each other’s last nerve.

Increase the Market Value

Nobody could argue with the fact that adding extra space to a home is guaranteed to increase its market value. Adding extra rooms or redesigning your home can produce excellent results, which could put you in a whole new bracket for the resale of your home. Whether you are planning to stay in your home long term, or have a view to move to new horizons, extra space is always a useful commodity so talk to our crew at Black & White Houseraising & Restumping for ideas.

Increase Your Storage Space

If there is one thing humans are good at, it is accumulating and hoarding ‘stuff’. Whether it’s the ski gear that only comes out once a year, the boat, the winter coats or the tools, somehow the stuff just keeps multiplying, often to the point where it is infringing on our day to day living space. Renovating your home to create a basement area for storage is one way to keep that stuff safe and dry ready for next time you want to use it.

Create Space for New Projects

In a world where the fastest way to make money is by starting your own business, many people are leaning towards putting their spare energy into building new projects and innovative ideas at home. Creating extra space in the house for allowing the creative juices to flow is an excellent way of firing up all engines and moving forward into these new and exciting possibilities. Raising your home and being able to use the space underneath could provide you with the incentive to really spread your wings and make a change to the life you always wanted to live.