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How To Keep Your Possessions Safe While We Raise Your House

Having your house raised is an exciting time for the whole family, as you prepare for your life to be expanded by the extra space you will have when the job is done. We expect that people have a lot of questions and concerns, especially when it comes to what is involved with your personal things, so we have included them in this blog for you to demystify the experience. For any other questions contact Black & White Houseraising & Restumping and talk to one of our experts today.

Your inside items

Believe it or not, the process of raising your house is very slow and smooth, so your inside things can stay where they are without needing to be packed away. Because the process is so gentle, and evenly executed, your furniture will likely not move at all, so if you imagined items rolling around above, that is simply not going to happen. However, if you have valuables that are breakable or placed on precarious places (such as on top of cupboards) you will need to remove them and put them in a safe place. If you have waterbeds or spas, they will need to be emptied of water prior to the work beginning.

The outside items

When it comes to the outside areas, common sense dictates that things will need to be moved to allow access for our machinery and the area will become a work site during the lift. Steps, decking and fencing will need to be moved during the house raising. Any landscaping features that you want to keep will have to be removed during the lifting; otherwise, our heavy machinery may cause them damage.

What lies beneath?

Obviously, any of your belongings that are underneath your house will need to be moved out of the way to make room for the work to be carried out. It can be replaced after, but the space will need to be clear to allow for our equipment to have a clear and safe passage. If there are items that are too heavy for you to move, please inform our crew ahead of time so that we are prepared to work around it. Pipes and plumbing that hang below the floor will need to be removed, but as long as wires are moved out of the way of floor joists we can usually work around them.