lone house with white facade

Important Things You Need to Know Before Deciding to Raise Your House

Raising your house is a one of the biggest projects you are likely to undertake in your life, so it is worth putting the necessary thought into all aspects of it to ensure that you have all the information before you embark on the journey.

These considerations and forethought will both prepare you mentally for the job as well as requiring you to put in the physical efforts needed to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the process.

In the same way that a chef plans, sources and prepares all of the ingredients prior to cooking, the effort that you put in now, will lay the foundations for creating a final product that reflects your vision for the outcome.


One of the most important parts of pre-planning is knowing what you are prepared and able to spend on achieving your dream of raising your house. As we all know, some projects may go beyond the initial budget so having something in reserves is a good idea in case unforeseen expenses arise or your vision expands to include other items that you had not planned on before.

Plans for the House

Before we begin anything, it is important to have a ‘roadmap’ of where we are going, and what we hope to achieve. Planning for how you are going to use the space is important before you start as particular aspects of the work can be included into the house raising aspect of the process.

These might include where you want to have electrical outlets in the new quarters, or where you intend for there to be an extra bathroom or other plumbing. Since these will be developed from existing infrastructure you will be not only saving yourself money by having this in mind during the raising, but it will mean you can often ’kill two birds with one stone’, which will save time and energy.

Licences and Paperwork

The government licensing and other paperwork for the land where the house is being raised are important aspects of the process. Since the house will essentially morph into a new dwelling after it has been raised, this may require council permits or inspections which will need to be factored into the planning and expenses. Being aware of what you can and cannot do, at the outset, will ensure that you do not find yourself in a situation where the council inspector refuses to provide the permits for the newly refurbished dwelling.

The Best Company

Once you know what you want, the next important step is to choose the company that you feel would be able to complete the job to the highest quality. Some areas you might want to research about the companies include looking at their previous work and testimonials, how well equipped they are, as well as whether they have all the required safety procedures and equipment. Black & White Houseraising & Restumping bring years worth of expertise to their work, which means peace of mind for you that you are going with a company with a proven track record.