Restumping Queenslanders

Queenslanders are some of Australia’s wonderful legacies, and being so, it is only proper to keep them well-maintained. One way of keeping them standing “tall and proud” is by restumping. Now, there are cases when this procedure becomes really necessary.

Restumping After the Floods

After all the rain that Queensland has had and the flooding effects which have destroyed precious possessions and memories, many that own Queenslanders are now having them raised or restumped. Restumping Queenslanders is a good choice after flooding due to soil erosion that can cause the stumps in your home to shift and render the building out of alignment. This could cause twisting or warping in the timbers, in the floors and walls. This is something you definitely don’t want happening to your home. Not restumping when necessary can lead to further damage and may cost you more in the long run to repair.

If you have any concerns about the stumps on your Queenslander, then you can call house raising Brisbane professionals who can come out and give you a quote on restumping your home. Ensuring your home’s safety is an important issue especially with the recent flooding that hit Queensland. The damage that the flooding has caused to the stability of your Queenslander means it is necessary to have the professionals check the stability of your home.

Restumping Due To Termites

Another reason you may want to restump is due to termites, which are small ant-like creatures that can do a lot of damage to timber. If your Queenslander has timber stumps then you may wish to have it restumped with concrete posts, which will endure much longer then timber stumps anyway. Concrete stumps have been proven to be stronger and last much longer then any other stumps. This will give your home a stronger “foundation” and will help to keep your home stable .

Restumping Brisbane Queenslander homes will also add more value to your home by giving it a better and stronger stumps as well as material that termites cannot eat through. If you are an owner of one of Australia’s Queenslanders, isn’t it in your best interests to ensure your home’s longevity? Queenslanders are one of Australia’s best kept heritages. While a lot of the old homes have not been properly cared for there are still many that have been maintained and are proudly displayed. Some of these are even Heritage Listed homes; wouldn’t you love for your home to go down in history as one of these? Proper love and care is needed for these wonderful old buildings, including restumping.

If you are a proud owner of some of Australia’s fine heritage, it is up to you as an owner to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of these wonderful buildings that helped to make Australia what it is today. Take the time to find a company that is just as proud to be Australian and are experienced in all areas of restumping or raising these wonderful homes.