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When Does Your House Need Restumping?

Many houses in Australia still have foundations made of timber stumps, whether cut from tree trunks or milled timber. Timber stumps are capable of withstanding rot and termite damage. However, even the most superior timber stumps will eventually succumb to rot, termite infestation or soil movement. This is when your house needs to be restumped .

What is Restumping?

Restumping, or re-blocking, entails getting rid of rotted old stumps and replacing them with new stumps. The process involves jacking up the area where the stump that needs to be replaced is located, and either packing out the existing stumps to compensate for settling or removing or replacing the stumps altogether.

Defective stumps are replaced with rot-resistant timber such as Victorian Red Gum or the more expensive concrete or galvanised steel stumps. Both options have their pros and cons. However, concrete or galvanised stumps are more popular these days because they do not have the weaknesses that most wood has. They do not rot, and are resistant to termites and warping. In addition, galvanised steel or concrete stumps can be firmly secured to the bearers, unlike wood.

Signs That Your House Needs Restumping

There are several indications that will tell you that your house may need immediate restumping. Creaking floors may be a sign that your floors are no longer level or that some stump has settled. Uneven, bowed or soft floors are an indication that stumps have settled or rotted and that the stumps have been dislodged from the bearers.

Cracks in the walls may be a sign that one portion of your home is sinking. Doors and windows that jam may be a sign that the structure around them is uneven.

Choosing a Restumping Expert

Restumping a house is quite complex. To ensure a perfect restumping, call an expert to do the job. Black & White House Raising guarantees that the structural integrity of your house will be restored when the job is completed. The company’s services range from a single stump replacement to an entire house restumping. Black & White House Raising uses good stump replacements like timber treated with copper chrome arsenate (CCA) or concrete stumps for longer life.

Get quotes from a few contractors. Make sure the quotes include the type of stump to be used, the number of stumps to be replaced and other pertinent information. In addition, make sure all quotes contain the same items. Bear in mind that the lowest quote may not be the best. It may contain a lesser number of stumps to be replaced or sub-standard stumping material. Be careful in choosing a stumping contractor to avoid extensive and costly mistakes. For more information on house restumping, visit