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Advanced Hydraulic vs. Old School Hydraulics: Which One Is Better?

Depending who you are and what side of the machine you are on, you may have a very different answer to this debate. For a mechanic, the advanced hydraulic system could be more complicated than the old school hydraulic system, but in terms of getting the job done, the advanced system kicks a lot more goals and requires a lot less maintenance. At Black & White Houseraising & Restumping we are proud to use a state of the art advanced hydraulic system to ensure the safety and quality of the work that is being done.

How Do Hydraulics Systems Work?

A hydraulic jack is a lifting device that uses leverage and mechanics to amplify and applied force to be able to lift a load. When you think about a small jack system, such as the one you use if your car has a flat tyre, it gives you a bit of an idea about how such a small piece of metal can lift such a large weighted object. The difference between the regular car jack that you have in your car boot, and a hydraulic system that we use to raise your house is that not only is one much bigger, but the hydraulic one uses an incompressible liquid to amplify the applied force.

Advanced Hydraulic System

The advanced hydraulic system advantage is that it has been custom designed to perform the duty that it is doing for us when we raise your home. Its unique engineering addresses the hydraulic, electric and manual applications of the piece of machinery and it is designed to ensure optimal execution of the machine performing its task. The advanced system has also been developed as an answer to common failure mechanisms of the old school systems, including hydraulic fluid contamination, seal leakage, and cylinder pressure.

Advantage of Advanced Hydraulic Jack

Another major advantage of the advanced hydraulic jack is that it has been custom designed for the job for which we use it. As a result our advanced hydraulic system is designed to fit in to the terrain of your property, without needing a huge amount of space cleared around the area as would have been done with old machinery. Of course, there is still a need for some space to be available for the work to be carried out, but the advancement of this technology makes the whole process a lot smoother, safer and of the highest quality possible.