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Recreating the Queenslander Culture Through Your Home

Some may argue that the Australian way of life is under threat of being swallowed up in the rush of modern concerns, and that the culture is in need of a remembrance of what it truly means to be Australian. Just one glance at a good old Australian ‘Queenslander’ house can bring memories flooding back from when you were a youngster, playing under the shade of the house with matchbox cars and friends – from sunrise until sunset. For many, the Queenslander is the epitome of the Australian dream, encompassing all that is unique, wonderful and beautiful about the climate, social and cultural pastimes that are as Australian as that ANZAC fighting spirit.

Of all the many different cultures of the world, the stereotypical Australian way of life is unique to this great burnt land, with the classic style of building designed specifically for the purpose of making the most of the climate, social and cultural pastimes that Aussie’s thrive on. Typically, the design of Queenslander homes reflect the people who live in them, with verandas built for large groups of family and friends to make the most of enjoying the elements and changing seasons.

The Great Aussie Barbecue

One of the most Australian things to do is to gather a group of mates together on a sunny afternoon to enjoy the spacious breezy veranda and watch the sun go down. Usually somewhere downstairs there will be a barbecue and a few snags and possibly a XXXX beer. The extended families of cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents would join the family regularly in the old Queenslander to share in the laughter and connection that are the threads holding those families together. Recent changes in the ways of the world have begun to reignite this sense of family, with more families opting to step back to the old ways, embracing these types of buildings, and bringing back that Australian spirit of camaraderie and friendship amidst a sometimes chaotic modern world.

Weathering Storms Together

There are not many who would argue that there is anything better than watching from the safety and comfort of a wide veranda, as those great Aussie storms roll on in from the distance, with lightning and thunder bringing drenching rains that patter on the tin roof. The scent of fresh, cool water hitting the baked dirt and watching as it forms into muddy rivers that roll across the red lands is certainly best enjoyed from the deck of a Queenslander. If you dream to recreate this Aussie culture for yourself with installing a Queenslander on your property talk to Black & White Houseraising & Restumping regarding how we can help.