wood and concrete

All About Rot-Resistant Stumps

No matter what we are talking about, the foundations of anything are the most important as this is what everything else is built upon. Weak foundations lead to a weak structure, which is more prone to the elements that it is exposed to, whereas stronger foundations provide a good base to start building upon. Whether you are building a new dwelling, relocating your home or restumping an existing home, choosing stumps that will go the distance is of the upmost importance.

In the early years of colonialism and following the settlement in this country, the choice of stumps was always timber, which is the most readily available material, and is long lasting. With the development of newer materials such as concrete and steel, the timber stumps were often replaced as the new stumps were considered to be a better choice. However, in recent times, hardwood timbers have resurged and, despite the fact that they are not as hard wearing as steel or concrete, they are still a popular choice.


The benefits of using hardwood timbers is that often they are easier materials to use, as they fix to the floor bearings more easily than concrete and steel and they are easier to work with. They are also a lot cheaper than concrete stumps, but they do not last the same length of time before needing replacement; they are also susceptible to deterioration through weather and pests, such as termites.

Deterioration of the stumps can cause a lot of damage to the building in the form of cracking in internal and external walls, sloping floors, windows and doors jamming and possibly plumbing issues. Another factor that needs to be considered when choosing what sort of stumps to use is the soil quality. In Queensland the stump of choice is often the copper chrome arsenate treated pine timber as it is a strong hardy material that can easily be attached to the floor bearers. In other Australian states such as Victoria, the red gum is a popular choice of stump for re-stumping.


A more costly, but more effective choice of stump are concrete stumps, which are available in different varieties. They are the most hard wearing of stumps, and except for in extremely damp conditions, they will usually last indefinitely. Choosing the right concrete stump for your home will depend on the floor bearing so it is important to speak with someone who knows their stumps, such as Black & White Houseraising & Restumping, who will be able to give you expert advice on all your re-stumping needs.