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What Is The Master Builders Association About?

You may have seen or heard of businesses advising that they are a member of the Master Builders Association, but you had no idea what this actually means, or why it is important. In a nutshell, the Master Builders Association is a national body that represents all sectors of the building industry, which includes structures that are yet to be built, those that are in the process of being built and those that are being rebuilt.

As Australia’s oldest industry association, the Master Builders Association was first established in Sydney, in 1873, to protect the rights of builders (and by association, their consumers).

As the nation became a federation of states, the MBA grew to become a national body, which included associations from every state under the banner of Master Builders Australia. This association is now a powerful national voice for those who are involved in the building and construction industry.

Who Benefits from the Master Builders Association?

Its role is to protect the interests of all who are involved in the industry, regardless of the size of the business. This applies whether they are a small or large company, a sole or sub-contractor, supplier, or industry advisor; as a business, it is an advantage to be a member of the Master Builders Association because it means that someone has ‘got your back’. This is important to you (the consumer) because it means that you have support when using a business that is a member of the Master Builders Association.

Why This Matters to You

The vision of the Masters Builders Association as found on their website is for a “skilled workforce, greater infrastructure investment, a balanced regulatory system, a strong and growing economy, safe and productive workplaces, and affordable housing”. As a consumer of building industry services such as you would be utilising with Black & White Houseraising & Restumping, it means that we are recognised as a part of this skilled workforce. We are kept abreast of the important information related to our industry, including the regulations related to carrying out our work, which translates over to our customers as expertise for getting the job done at the highest standard possible.

Having been engaged in building Australia for more than 127 years, the Master Builders Association advocates on behalf of the industry in a variety of ways. These include ensuring safe and productive workplaces, affordability of materials and equipment, jobs and skills for the future, infrastructure and investment, advocacy for economic growth and stability, and assisting small businesses by reducing red tape. All of these are what we pass on to our customers as a result of our association with Master Builders Australia.