4 Benefits of Adding Headroom to Your Crawl Space or Basement

If you are planning to build a house that will have a basement or crawl space, we cannot stress enough to you the importance of ensuring that you add in a good portion of headspace to the area. Most owners usually like to focus their attention on the upstairs parts of the house where things are always pretty, dry and clean. They tend to forget about what is lurking underneath the floorboards, but when it comes to your basement or crawl space, you won’t want to be sticking your head in the sand. Here’s why:

Reduce Moisture

The underside of houses is where a lot of moisture tends to build up. This is often due to the fact that there is not much air circulating, which can cause a lot of problems over time and eventually leads to the deterioration of the house above. Ensuring enough headspace allows for the air to circulate, giving the moisture somewhere to go and keeping the rest of the house safe from the deterioration that it causes.

Maintenance Access

Usually the basement or crawl space will be where the structural and utility systems are housed, such as electrical, plumbing and central heating. Allowing for enough space for maintenance work to be carried out will allow for access to these areas as well as to give you the opportunity to check out what is going on under there. Because it is where moisture manages to get into the house, being able to monitor the area will help to prevent damage that is caused if it is left unchecked for any length of time.

Expansion Room

At some stage you might have a new arrival coming into the family, or just feel like creating a little more room for you to spread out. Having a basement or crawl space with headroom will allow greater access for you to be able to expand your living areas by having your house raised by Black and White Houseraising and Restumping.


We all have ‘stuff’ that we don’t use every day, but want to keep for occasions when we will need it, but often finding the space to put everything can end up making living areas feel cluttered. Ensuring that you have adequate headroom in the basement and crawl spaces allows you to store these things out of the way until you need them again.