Living In A Flood Zone? How To Prepare

As many people of Queensland experienced during the floods of 2011, flash flooding can happen at any time, without notice. If you are living in a flood-prone area you never know when a flash flood could interrupt your life, putting you and your family in danger, so it is important to take precautions and prepare for anything.

Have a Plan

The most important thing that you will need to provide for yourself and family if living in a flood prone area is a plan of attack should something happen. Because flood warnings often do not give you much time to prepare, having your plan will assist you in preparing to protect your home and getting to safety as soon as possible. Your plan needs to include what happens if there is a flood warning, as well as evacuation routes, who to contact and where you will go if there is a flood warning. Like with any emergency it is important to have a practice with your family to ensure that everyone knows what is needed, and stays calm in the event that something does happen.

Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit should include your plan as well as the basics that you will need in an emergency situation. It should also include some warm clothes, food, cooking utensils, a short wave portable radio, torch, first aid kit, essential medications, personal papers and other mementos in waterproof bags.

Make Preparations to Protect Your Home

If you have time to prepare and are able to do something to protect your home and contents you will need to be thinking ahead about what is needed and where to obtain it. Usually, councils will supply sandbags so these can be put around your home in low lying areas to prevent water from reaching your house. Decide where the highest ground is and know to where you will move personal possessions, vehicles and dangerous chemicals.

Ensure You Have a Radio

Having a radio is one of the best ways for staying in contact with the outside world, especially if your mobile phone battery goes flat, so be sure to have one handy, with spare batteries – just in case. Know which radio station to tune it to, and keep it with you so you can get updates about what is happening around you. This will help you to stay calm and be prepared for whatever eventuates during the flood period.

Black and White Houseraising and Restumping can assist you with lifting your house above flood waters, so that in the event of a flood your home and personal possessions will remain high and dry.