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Choosing the Right Restumping Service for Your Home

Restumping and house raising can be very beneficial to homeowners in many ways. It is a great solution for houses that constantly have to deal with rising waters during strong rain and storms. Restumping is also a viable solution for homes that are having structural problems due to termite infestation. Old houses with timber stumps are sure to need  quality restumping intervention or the building could be in danger due to structural instability.

While it can be easy to know if a house needs a restumping and house raising job, it is not as easy to find the right restumping service. With so many companies offering restumping and house raising services, there are a few points that can be considered to find the right company.

Assess Their Technology

Much of the success of a restumping and house raising work is dependent on the technology that is being used. Make sure that the company is equipped with the latest technologies  in jacking systems to safely lift the house.


Naturally, the company that homeowners should hire must have good reputation. It would be good to do a background check on the companies offering restumping services in the area. Ask their former clients for some feedback to get an insight on the quality of work. It is advantageous if the company is a member of reputable groups such as the Master Builders Association. It would be advantageous if the restumping company has extensive experience working with homeowners and professional builders.

Expertise and Available Services

Every homeowner will need a specific type of restumping work, depending on the existing situation. The house may simply need a replacement of the stumps or it may have to be relevelled to correct the defects caused by stump damage. The house may desperately have to be raised to be safe from torrential rains  and flooding, or the homeowner may just want to move the house to another site, perhaps to make room for a subdivision of the lot. The homeowner should be selecting a service based on the work that needs to be done on the site.


It is important that the company hired is fully covered by insurance. There are dangers involved in restumping and house raising work, so there is always that possibility of an unwanted accident happening. But if the company is fully insured, the homeowner does not have worry about accidents and liability.