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Subdividing Land – How On-Site Moves Can Help

There is strong demand for land and residential properties, especially in business centres and central cities. If you intend to put money into property investments, it can be a bit challenging at the present time. Prices of land are on the rise, making it difficult for first-time investors.

One good way of getting into property investment is by subdividing land. One can either buy a parcel of land and subdivide the land to create a housing estate, or an investor can use an existing property to see if it is possible to have it subdivided.

Subdivision Opportunities

If you can afford to invest in a fresh parcel of land, it is a good idea to subdivide it for a more profitable return. You can build town homes or residential units on the subdivided land to accommodate the growing demand for rental properties in your area.

You can also look into subdividing your own lot. This is the best way to start in the subdivision venture as it involves a smaller risk than purchasing a raw parcel of land. You can build a second house, duplex or multiple residential units on the extra lot. For this option, you will have to check with the local council to see if subdividing your property is feasible.

There may be special conditions that you need to follow. There may be zoning issues in your area, or there may be minimum size requirements for the residential units that can be built. The council can give you the best advice when subdividing your property.

House Moving

If you have an existing house on the property you plan to subdivide, you can count on a reliable house raising service for help. Black & White House Raising provides house sliding and on-site moves . This service involves transferring and positioning the house to another location on the property.

Black & White House Raising makes use of advanced hydraulic jacks to raise the house in one piece. The house is then repositioned to the desired to location. Additionally, this can be a good opportunity to re-stump  the house if ever there are damaged timber stumps in the house.

Relocating the existing house can give you extra space for a subdivision. Consult with the local council for information on limitations and conditions in subdividing your property. You can then get the services of a surveyor or planner to lay out the plan for subdividing the lot. There are risks involved in subdivisions, but with good information and the right people helping you, it can turn your existing property into a profitable investment.

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