How To Prepare For Restumping : What’s Involved In The Clean Up

If you are considering the restumping of your house, there are particular preparations that need to be made to get the area ready for the work that will take place. This includes making the work site ready for people to start moving around under the house, and if you are like the rest of us, you are bound to have an accumulation of things that you are storing under there. This is often referred to as ‘the clean up’ stage, which, as the name suggests, involves clearing the area to prepare for the work to be carried out.

Clear the Area and Remove Plinth boards

The first thing that we do is to clear an area around the side of the house to make an access point for the work to be carried out. The plinth boards are the boards that go under the house, and are what sit between the house and the stumps. During the house raising process, these boards are one of the items that need to be replaced as often they will show signs of wear and tear as well. So after the area around the stumps has been cleared the plinth boards are removed.

Remove Rubbish and Obstacles

The next step is to remove any rubbish and obstacles that are still sitting around under the house. This is an important safety step because it allows a clear workplace for the rest of the work to be carried out. So not only will you be getting new stumps, but under your house will get a clear out, too, in the process!

Position Jacks in Place

Once the area has been cleared, the jacks are positioned in place. During this step the safety of both the house owners and the workers who will be carrying out the work, is of great importance. We ensure that all safety precautions are taken to prevent any accidents occurring to anyone involved. Once the jacks are positioned and firmly in place the rest of the work can begin.

The Black & White Houseraising & Restumping team gets to work, knocking out the old stumps and digging a hole for the new stumps to be positioned into place. Before you know it, the work is done and you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you have a solid foundation beneath your feet.