house inspection

Integrity of Home Stumps Essential

If you live in a house that is suspended above timber or concrete stumps it is essential to regularly inspect them to ensure the integrity of your home is not undermined.

Why House Stumps Get Damaged

There are many reasons a stump may be starting to show its age:

  • Older style concrete stumps may have had the internal steel exposed to the elements. A form of rusting erosion can cause the concrete to crumble away from its core strength.
  • A timber post may be infested with white ants. These little critters can be slowly working away at the inside of your post and you may not even know it until you start to notice a particular creak or warp in the floor that was not there before.

Another cause of stump rot could be that there is moisture under the house and surrounding your stumps. Moisture around your stumps can come from a variety of sources:

  • It may be that the plumbing is also ageing and starting to show signs of that age by leaking under the house.
  • A weakened, sagging stump could be putting pressure on a join or pipe and cause a crack. A leak can create a knock-on effect and damage neighbouring stumps.
  • It may also be that the storm water  coursing through the property the house is situated on is not being encouraged to flow away from the house and could be pooling underneath it instead.

Signs of Stump Damage

With over 12 year’s industry experience, Black & White House Raising, offer the most reliable house raising and restumping service. They suggest these tips to help you to determine if you need to call in the professionals.

Your house may need restumping if:

  1. You notice that your walls or ceilings are forming cracks that indicate the house is moving.
  2. The floor feels like you are walking on a ship.
  3. You feel like you are climbing a mountain or sliding down a slide when you walk across certain areas in the house.
  4. Doors and windows do not open or close as smoothly as they should or they get stuck and cannot be opened.
  5. You notice water under the house or you can smell a sewer smell that may indicate damaged plumbing due to house movement.
  6. You see evidence of white ants in timber posts.

Should you discover any of these, it is best to let the professionals at examine your stumps to ascertain what repairs or replacements may be necessary.