House Lifting in Flood Zones

The climate has not been as erratic as in recent years. Lately, we have been seeing extreme weather and climate conditions worldwide. In Queensland, we continue to experience odd weather patterns, from extreme summer heat, to strong rains and flooding. The region was battered by heavy rains and floods a year ago, bringing down trees and destroying or inundating many homes.

Extreme weather patterns are expected to continue in the coming years, so the best thing we can do is cope with the changes and do our best to protect lives and property. One good way of coping with heavy rains and flooding is by house lifting . Black & White House Raising & Restumping can provide you with high quality house raising services to protect your home from the dangers of floods.

What is House Raising?

Houses can be raised with all the contents intact, and new stumps or posts are added beneath. The house is lifted to the desired height. For flood prone areas, it would be best to put some extra allowance to the height to make sure that the ground floor is high enough to be safe from the expected floods.

The process involves the use of advanced hydraulic jacks  to lift the entire house. This process requires intensive expertise in the field, so it is important that you work with a highly trusted name in house raising and restumping. Black & White House Raising & Restumping can give you that high quality and reliable service in this area.

The house raising process typically takes approximately two weeks, but it could take as long as three to four weeks for larger houses. Residents will have to move out during that time period. While it is fine to leave some furniture in the house during the house lifting process, fragile and breakable items should be removed.

How House Lifting Helps

Owners of houses that have been hit by floods recently and in the past year should seriously consider house raising . There is no telling if the climate and weather are going to go back to normal. It is always better to be prepared for floods, especially if you have experienced one in recent years. House lifting can be your best defence against flooding in your area.

House lifting gives you an opportunity to still live in the house that you own and love. There should be no need to move to another place just because of temporary floods. During floods, your belongings and your family will be safe on the raised floor. To see how house raising can help protect your property, contact the company at