Queenslander: The Legacy Will Remain. How to Restore Yours

The iconic old ‘Queenslander’ house is a favourite for many an Aussie family. Wide shaded verandas, roomy hallways that catch the afternoon breezes and plenty of space to move – make these old buildings a much-loved part of the Australian way of life.

Create Your Vision
Many, who are lucky enough to own one, enthusiastically embrace the challenge of restoring them back to their former glory, and there is a variety of ways to do so. Some opt for restoring them to exactly how they might have been when they were first built, making them into an historical time piece. While many owners are choosing to imbue them with a modern design flair, often expanding on the building’s unique features, and increasing the spaciousness of the house by building extra rooms underneath, or adjoined.

Ensure Structural Integrity
Old buildings, such as these, need to be checked thoroughly by an expert to ensure that they are structurally sound in all the right places. While the Queenslander is a hard-wearing building design, specifically built for the Australian climate, there will be components that need to be replaced or repaired to ensure the safety of the building and the longevity of the project. Parts of the building that are exposed to the elements of soil, water and weather are some of the key areas that may require replacement and repair.
The stumps are the most important part of the building as they are the foundations upon which everything else sits, so ensuring that these are in good condition is of paramount importance. Wooden stumps usually need to be replaced every ten years or so, and many people opt to replace them with steel posts, but this is up to the owner’s discretion as to what suits their design.

Adding Extra Rooms
If you are opting to add extra rooms, often this will mean that you will have the house raised and it is a good time to have new posts put in that will more comfortably accommodate a living area. This can usually all be done by one company such as Black and White Houseraising and Restumping that have all the required equipment and experience to ensure that the work is done safely.

Don’t Forget to Check for Restrictions
Make sure to check with council before you embark upon your renovating dream, to ensure that there are no restrictions on your property that will affect your design, and also make sure that you have the relevant permits.