3 Easy Ways to Protect Your House Stumps From Pests

The stumps of your house are a crucial part of its foundations, which means that taking measures to ensure they are protected from pests is of great importance for home owners. Pests such as termites and other borers can do a lot of damage to your foundation stumps, before you are even aware that they are residents in your home. The key to ensuring that they do not set up camp and bring in their relatives to make your life a living nightmare, involves eliminating their access to food, water and shelter.

Remove Food Sources

Termites eat wood, while many borers make their homes in wood, so removing any dead wood that you have lying around in your yard is the first step to removing their food source. Have rotten stumps removed from the garden, and keep firewood off the ground and stored far away from the house. Ensure that the soil under your house is at least six inches away from supporting beams and stumps.

Prevent Moisture

Pests love moisture, and they will thrive in any moist environment, so keeping these crucial areas of your home as dry as possible will prevent your worst nightmare from moving in to your home. Leaking pipes and taps need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent damp from getting into wooded areas of the home. Plants, bushes and trees should be positioned away from the house where they do not allow moist areas around the house; otherwise, this will invite pests. If you do find areas where there is moisture or damp in parts of the house, these need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Adequate ventilation will also ensure that moisture does not build up in these areas.

Make Regular Inspections

Most house stumps are treated to prevent pests, but over long periods of time the treatment can become less effective and they may show signs of infestation, or weathering from the elements. They should be checked regularly to ensure that they do not need to be changed. Full pest inspections every six months, followed by a regular pest control routine, will assist in keeping your home free from creepy crawlies that want to eat your foundations.

If you suspect that your house stumps may already be under attack, contact our experts at Black & White Houseraising & Restumping for an inspection and advice on how best to fix the situation.