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Replacing House Stumps Requires Professional Expertise

Most modern homes in Queensland, that is, homes built in the past 40 years or so, are now concrete slab constructions, which are a complete turn-around from the methods used since European settlement. In pioneer times, houses were built on timber stumps and it was not until mid-20th century that the timber stumps were replaced by concrete. As time passed the timber stumps aged, becoming rotten and defective and it is now a multi-million dollar business to have them replaced.

Trust Only Experienced and Competent Operators

The types of stumps that are used in Queensland are either CCA (copper chrome arsenate) treated pine or concrete. Connecting the new stumps to the bearer is a crucial part of the operation as any shortcuts by dubious operators will place the whole structure at risk. This is why selecting an experienced and trusted contractor is absolutely essential.

The Black and White House Raising company is a member of the Master Builders Association and holds a BSA licence, as well as being fully insured. With 12 years of experience in raising and restumping homes, they guarantee their work and operate in all suburbs in and around Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Some Hints to Sort the Best from the Rest

They are happy to offer the following information to people looking for reliable and experienced contractors, as they know that their operation meets all of these criteria:

  • Obtain quotes in writing and specify the type of stumps to be used and their spacing.
  • Request that when the work is completed, the floor will be brought reasonably back to level that is, within 10mm.
  • The work must be performed to meet the relevant building standards and regulations.
  • The contractor obtains the necessary building permit or permits.
  • If floorboards need to be removed, to what state are they to be restored and whose responsibility is it to remove and replace floor coverings.
  • The start and finish dates of the project.
  • The full cost including GST.

Compare Quotes Carefully

When comparing quotes, make sure that the items in all the quotes are the same. A lower price may mean that some part of the operation has been left out, which could cause major problems later on. One way that unscrupulous operators save costs is by not supplying sufficient stumps. The homeowner is usually unaware until the floor becomes uneven or cracks appear in plaster walls.

The standard of professional restumping provided by Black & White House Raising can be verified by contacting some of their many satisfied clients. For genuine, reliable service at very competitive prices, give them a call.