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Top Five Benefits Of Raising Your House

Raising your house is a big job, and nobody will tell you any different. It can be a costly and time consuming exercise but the benefits far outweigh the challenges involved, and it can give a tired house a new lease on life. At Black and White Houseraising and Restumping, we have assisted a great many families to expand their lives by adding extra space and value to their home, while protecting their belongings from the risks of flooding.

Create Space

Let’s face it, families tend to grow bigger over time, often when we least expect it, and often, the plan that we started out with, needs to be re-evaluated and expanded on, to accommodate the growing family. If the family home feels like it is bursting at the seams, raising the house can be the answer to create more space so that everyone has room to move. Living in each other’s pockets like sardines can cause friction, but like many families, you will be amazed at how much extra space you can have for living in peace and harmony together when you raise your house.

Add Value to Your Home

The property market is filled with homes that look and feel almost identical to each other, which often turns buyers away if they are looking for something unique. In raising your house, it gives you the opportunity to utilise a new design, which can create a space that really has something special, and is a pleasure to live in, as well as adding value to the house. Extra rooms for living space and storage are sought after by prospective buyers who are willing to pay a little more for something that accommodates their needs.

Fresh Stumps

If there is one worry that you don’t need on your mind, it’s the foundations of your house. Stumps deteriorate over time due to weather, moisture and pests, and they will usually need changing every ten years or so. The peace of mind in knowing that you have another ten years under your belt is worth the work involved when raising your house. So talk to us today about your ideas and hear how we can help you make them happen.

Get Above the Floods

In Australia, we are a country that is prone to flooding as well as droughts, so protecting your family and belongings from flooding is a precaution that all must take. Similarly, water does tend to change course over time, due to construction and environmental factors, often leaving the unaware to be faced with flash flooding where previously it was not a problem. Raising your house enables you to keep everything high and dry, to enjoy your home without the fear of unwanted water causing damage to the structure.

Cool It Down

Being in a cramped space on a hot day is one of the most unenjoyable aspects of Summer, but raising your house can allow for it to catch more breezes, as well as giving space to allow the air to flow throughout the house. Talk to your architect or designer about eco-friendly designs that make good use of the natural air flow to the home. Adding tropical plants around window areas often cools the space down too, so be sure to look at all of your options so that you can incorporate them into the design for maximum benefit.