What Is the Correct Equipment for Restumping?

There is a Russian proverb that says “If you don’t have time to do things right, you must have time to do it over”. When it comes to restumping a house there is no room for error, and often the margin for doing things over is very, very small, since the stability of the house depends upon getting it right the first time. It is for this reason that having the correct equipment for the job is as important as the professionalism and expertise of the person who will be doing the restumping. Because it is such an important part of the house, getting the right person to do the job is definitely worth researching to ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises down the track.

Stumps and Pads

The choice of stumps will vary depending where in Australia you live. In Victoria, many houses are restumped with rot-resistant Victorian Redgum, which is slightly cheaper than concrete but will only last up to 20 years before it needs to be replaced. For many homes throughout Australia, concrete stumps are a popular choice, which are secured to both the floor frame and at ground level.

In Queensland, some houses also use Copper Chrome Arsenate treated pine, which is an effective stump for withstanding many of the factors that corrode the stumps. In some cases, pads are used as well but this is not always the case. Galvanised steel stumps are another popular option that is available for restumping or raising a house.

Ant Caps

Ant caps or stump caps are put in between the stump and the house to prevent termites from entering the flooring of the house above, if they do happen to get into the stumps. They are an extra defence against the wood chewing menaces that cause havoc for homes across Australia.

Anchor Bolts

In areas where the house is subject to high wind conditions, anchor bolts are usually attached to each corner of the house, around the perimeter at a distance of approximately every four metres and also under bracing walls.

Structural Beams

These are steel beams that are put in place when the area underneath the house is going to be used as a living space or as an undercover car park. They provide extra support between the beams of the house.


An important part of the restumping process is the jacks that raise the house up and holds it there while the stumps are being replaced. Experienced, quality restumping companies such as Black and White Houseraising and Restumping use an advanced hydraulic jacking system to lift the house safely from its foundations. This reduces the possibility of human error as the house is held at the intended height.

For more information about the process, contact Black and White Houseraising and Restumping and we can come to you to assess what is needed and how to best achieve results that last.