Benefits of Raising and Restumping

As the poem goes, “Australia is a land of drought and flooding rains”, and lately more than ever it’s the flooding rains that are prevailing in our nightly weather forecasts. Cast your eyes over the people on the streets in news stories and you will see a colourful sea of umbrellas in their hands as they hurry to get out of the rain. Everywhere you hear the expression, ‘when will this rain stop?’ tumbling from the lips of the populace. When you think about it we really have had more than our fair share, tanks and dams are full and overflowing and it seems more flooding is not far away.

House raising Brisbane in flood prone areas is being carried out on such a regular basis that it is becoming more the norm than an occasional event. So many people are mourning not only the loss of loved ones, but also the loss of precious memorabilia that cannot be replaced. Treasured photos cannot be restored even if they can be found so the only images we have are held in our minds, to fade as we age. Happily, much of this will be prevented from occurring in the future with houses being raised above flood levels at heights that were not permitted by councils in pre flood times.

Restumping Damaged House Stumps

Restumping Brisbane is something else that has been happening more than before due to termite infestations and stumps that have moved due to water inundation, not only in flood areas, but under high homes on slopes where water has rushed underneath during teeming downpours. This is more common in older homes that have been standing on the same stumps for centuries, but can happen in others.

Restumping resets the new stumps  into an upright position, and keeps the floorboards even inside the home. Many people in termite prone areas are opting to restump with concrete stumps to raise the odds in their favour against infestation. This is definitely a worthwhile exercise for the peace of mind it offers, and the stumps will last a lifetime.

Benefits of House Raising

The benefits of house raising are flood proofing, giving the best possible chances of no loss of life or assets, cooler temperatures inside the home, better breeze catching being higher, and it is also said that walking up and down stairs is not only good exercise but great for a healthy heart. By restumping, you benefit from safe and even floorboards in the home, and less risk of being infested by termites when using concrete stumps. Another benefit of raising a home is being able to build a granny flat underneath later.