Protecting Your Home Through Raising and Restumping

Dramatic changes in the climate have caused many tragic events recently. Many lives have been lost due to strong storms that resulted in major flooding in some areas. The weather pattern in the coming years is expected to continue to be erroneous, away from the normal and predictable course, so people are considering getting ready for any unforeseen accidents. One of the ways people can prepare for the unexpected is by upgrading the design of their homes to make them able to withstand strong water surges and flooding.

House raising  and restumping can be done to areas that are prone to flooding. This gives the house ample space underneath for possible floods that may strike the area. Raising and restumping is an ingenious way of providing flood solution to houses that are already standing. For a mere two weeks, experts in concrete stumping can raise a house by using an advanced hydraulic jacking system to push the house up from its foundations. Structural engineers are hired to devise new structural plans for the raised house, and the contractor for the house raising and restumping  handles the rest.

Benefits of Concrete Stumps

There are many benefits of concrete stumps to the house being raised. The prime benefit is of course protection from flooding incidents, especially so if you are living in an area that has experienced flooding once or twice already in the recent years. Because of the unpredictability of the climate and weather, it is but safe and assuring to carry out a raising and restumping  of the house. Some houses sitting on old stumps would need replace their stumps to ensure stability to the structures. Otherwise, it could pose danger to the people residing in the place.

Concrete stumps can also effectively protect the house from termite infestation, which are expected to happen in structural foundations that have been subjected to flood waters. Providing new concrete stumps for the house would keep them away from termites and other pests feeding on the wooden portions of the house.

Added Benefits of a Raised House

A house that has been restumped will also have better air circulation and cooler breeze coming in as it would be situated higher up. The space underneath that will be gained after raising and restumping can be used for other purposes as well, particularly during dry seasons when no storms are seen to come. Providing stumps to the house would allow healthy exercise to residents of the house since they will then be climbing steps to access the house.