Protecting Homes by House Raising

Black & White House Raising and Restumping takes pride in being in the business of helping protect homes and lives from potential dangers. The company, which is engaged in house restumping, helps add value to an existing house that would have lost value in the market because of its location or structural soundness .

Making Homes Flood-Proof and Strong

The company’s services  include house raising for standalone residences lying on flood prone areas. As the climate gets more erratic every year, houses built on flood prone areas are in danger getting damaged. But there is hope with the technology that Black & White House Raising provides. It distinguishes itself from other house raising services with its dedication and focus on quality and customer service. Restumping could also be done to fix the level of the floor that had moved because of damaged stumps.

Other homes need house raising services to repair the stumps that could endanger the stability of the structures. If not given the needed attention, houses with rotting or pest infested stumps  may cause the flooring to become uneven. Worse, this could lead to a total collapse of supporting structures connected to the stumps.

Customers who would want to study or evaluate the costs related to house raising or restumping can have an obligation-free assessment from Black & White, giving the client the freedom to decide whether to go about the project.

Guaranteed Service

Given the complexity of house raising and restumping, Black & White gives clients the needed assurance in their every project. “With over 12 years experience, we are fully insured for peace of mind,” the company says. This assurance frees the homeowner from unnecessary worries in case some untoward accidents occur during the duration of the house raising project.

The company adopts strict guidelines in all its house raising and restumping projects. Black & White uses only the latest technology in house raising. Safety is the primary concern of the company in every house raising project. “Black & White also have a state of the art hydraulic jacking system which means your house is raised safely at the push of a button,” according to the company. Executing the house raising and restumping carefully and safely can mean breathing new life to a house that may have been regarded as worthless because of the structural instability. This house rescue of sort through raising and restumping could be done for the entire house or it could be to repair and replace stumps.