Lifts and Holds from Black & White House Raising and Restumping

If a house becomes skewed or unlevelled, there are most likely some problems with the foundations. The most probable culprit would be damaged stumps. In other cases, the house needs to be lifted and re-stumped so as to put it on a higher level. This solution is viable for houses that lie on a flood prone area.

Black and White Raising and Restumping has been specialising in restumping and house raising in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Backed by more than 12 years of experience in the restumping and house raising business, Black and White offers quality service that fits the budget of homeowners.

Quality Lifts and Holds

The quality of house raising, particularly, lifts and holds, depends much on the  expertise  and the technology being used. Black and White makes sure that the house is raised safely to the height that is desired. The company uses advanced hydraulic jacks to safely lift the building to the intended height.

Upon lifting, Black and White holds the house in place using structural steel columns and beams. To make sure that the house is held in position securely, Black and White uses only Duragal steel, which has been tested for optimum strength and stability.

The Price Advantage

People often ask, how much to raise a house, when deciding whether or not to pursue restumping and house raising. The project cost will depend a lot on the size of the house being lifted.

If you have a house that is small with two bedrooms, the price is in the range of $15,000 to $17.000. A regular 3-bedroom house can cost somewhere from $18,000 to $26,000, but if it is a bigger 3-bedroom home, it could cost from $22,000 to around $30,000. Price does not incorporate other related costs, which include costs of plans, services disconnection and new concrete slabs.

The lift and hold costs are still considered more advantageous as you get to enjoy the better condition of your raised home without having to spend much more for a new building. Lift and hold  is also a very good way of preserving the classic old style of a residential building, such as a Queenslander house.

Your Peace of Mind

At Black and White, we put a lot of importance on your peace of mind. That is why we employ only the best technology in our projects. Our team is also fully insured, so there is no need to worry about any untoward incidents that might happen during the house raising operation. As a member of the Master Builders Association, Black and White is dedicated to providing quality workmanship in the construction work we are handling. Black and White can be contacted online at