Restumping 101

There are little telltale signs that only a person or family who lives in a home may notice at first, which will give them an inkling that something is not quite right.

These may include:

  • A crack may appear on a wall either inside or outside the home and it continues to grow.
  • Perhaps the floor has become a little uneven or bowed in a particular spot in your home.
  • Doors or windows that moved quite freely are now difficult to open or close.

These are all signs of foundation erosion or stump failure in a home. In both cases it is imperative to seek the advice of a professional contractor  such as ourselves to measure the damage and repair it accordingly.

Foundation Erosion and Stump Failure

The issues of foundation erosion and stump failure are quite different problems. However, they both attract the same effects and they cannot be ignored.

We can measure soil for all types of things. If you were a gardener it would be the nutrient content and pH balance.

If you are a builder or restumper such as Black & White House Raising and Restumping, then you would be measuring the soil for its geophysical properties. The results of this test will tell us what we need to do to counter any issues that need to be addressed as a result of a particular test.

For example, if the soil your stumps are in is prone to sinking then eventually so will your stumps. In this day and age we do tests before building  and adjust accordingly, but 30 or more years ago they just put the stumps in the ground and built the house.

Timber Stumps

Most have survived very well but you cannot avoid stump failure in a timber stump. Timber is a great medium but eventually, in the right circumstances, such as being attacked by termites or being wet often, it will eventually erode to a state of poor repair.

Whatever the cause, once a stump begins to fail it is important to rectify the situation before more structural damage is done.

Modern Materials

You can still get a timber stump for your home if you prefer timber. These stumps are treated to ensure their longevity and, of course, in these modern times we understand the importance of protection and prevention.

Other products that can be used are steel or concrete . Each has its own merits and your choices can be determined following our thorough examination.