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Importance Of Having A Flood Proofed House Design For New Homes

As we have seen of unpredictable weather events, in Australia, and everywhere else, anything can happen, and it often does. The word on the street, from scientists and meteorologists is that we can expect weather to be wetter, which is likely to lead to flooding for some.

Being prepared for the possible outcomes of any weather event is the best way to have peace of mind and flourish during the changing of the seasons. Why worry about something that might happen, when you can ensure that you reduce the risks of flood effects by proofing your home at the design stages.

By choosing design features that will last the tests of the harsh, unpredictable weather conditions you can prevent flood events from damaging your home, and be ahead of the game. Many people are choosing to build raised houses or have their new homes designed to withstand the storms.

Know Your Risks

Doing your research is an important part of preparing your plan for your new home, which includes not underestimating the surrounding terrain. Seeking for information from local councils and talking to people in the surrounding areas will also give you an idea about the risks regarding where you are building and assist in planning. Using permaculture design principles in your ideas and planning your house building around them can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Design Features to Suit the Environment

If your house is to be built in a flood prone area, an off the ground design can be a great way of being prepared for any possible weather event, leaving your family high and dry all year around. Thoroughly mapping the waterways close to your home is an important aspect of planning for the long-term future of your home. Building in design features that take the waterways into account and working around the environment will assist you in living harmoniously with nature, rather than fighting against it.

Flood Proof Materials

If a house is to be built in an area that is prone to flooding, precautions can be taken as to how the house is built, and which materials are used. As Black & White Houseraising and Restumping have discovered over many years of working with homeowners, choosing the right materials is a necessity to avoid costly repairs later.