Renovating Through House Raising

Houses can get really distorted and crooked if there are stump problems. Stumps essentially form the foundation of the house, so if the stumps are rotting, the house will likely be misaligned or unlevelled. This is the primary reason why some homeowners decide to do a restumping job. Some homeowners, however, make house raising a part of their overall renovation to improve the whole look of the house.

Repairing Structure

Stump damage creates many problems to the house. First, there is the safety factor. If there is massive damage to the stumps of the house, the structural soundness of the building is in peril.

Stumps made from timber usually get damaged easily when they start to attract termites. Termites could be attacking the foundations of the house unnoticed, only showing signs when the damage is already huge.

If there is any sign of stump damage, the stumps should be repaired right away. In a worst case scenario, there is the possibility of the floors actually collapsing. In such a case, repairing the stumps is the first step you should be making if you are planning a renovation.

Lifting Up the House for Aesthetics

Stump damage can negatively affect the overall appearance of the house. Because the floors are unlevelled due to defective stumps, the walls may also not align. Also, the doors and windows may not close properly because of the crookedness of the house. To bring back the original quality of the house, restumping is important. A good restumping service will be able to formulate solutions for homes that are having problems with defective stumps.

How The Job is Done

In house raising and restumping, the service specialists use a hydraulic equipment to lift the house and repair the stumps. Stumps are replaced with a rot resistant material, and durable steel columns are applied to hold the raised house in place.

House lifts and holds are also done to bring the house to a higher elevation. This treatment is recommended for houses lying on flood prone areas. House lifting will help to avoid property damage and other problems caused by floods.

Make More Room

House raising is also a great way to gain extra space in the home. The ground floor can serve many uses. It can be used as parking space or a place for a garden shed.

House renovations can be done properly if all the structural portions of the house are considered, including the stumps of the house. House lifting is a great way of starting renovation if a house is suffering from stump defects or if it is lying on a flood-prone area. Find out more about house raising and restumping here.