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When Does Your House Need Restumping?

Many houses in Australia still have foundations made of timber stumps, whether cut from tree trunks or milled timber. Timber stumps are capable of withstanding rot and termite damage. However, even the most superior timber stumps will eventually succumb to rot, termite infestation or soil movement. This is when your house needs to be restumped . What […]

Thinking of Raising Your House? – Some Valid Reasons

When Europeans first settled in the Brisbane region, it was not long before they realised that to be comfortable in a sub-tropical climate, houses needed to be high enough to catch sea breezes and open enough to ventilate a steamy interior. As an added bonus, intermittent flooding caused little hardship when the muddy waters could […]

Restumping 101

There are little telltale signs that only a person or family who lives in a home may notice at first, which will give them an inkling that something is not quite right. These may include: A crack may appear on a wall either inside or outside the home and it continues to grow. Perhaps the […]